Martina Wornette

Our newest editorial intern dreams of France and Megan Draper

My deep love of clothes emerged when I was just a tiny girl, brazenly begging my mother to buy me a fluffy, white flower girl dress without having anywhere in particular to wear it. To my mother’s chagrin, I insisted on wearing it to kindergarten, the delicate layers of tulle rustling audibly as I soared across the monkey bars. Happily for her, it made for what would eventually become a remarkably embarrassing photo op, and to this day I find myself avoiding white satin for fear that she might again find a way of documenting it.

Sharing my birthday with Anne Boleyn’s execution date has always haunted me a little, and I think I’m only just starting to get used to the idea. As an English student, I prefer imagined worlds to existing ones; writers like Vladimir Nabokov and Virginia Woolf have always drawn me in with their sad and dreamy characters. I love the sound of rain on my window just before bed and traveling around with my mum. My personal style is always shifting and evolving, but I find a lot of my inspiration in the cat eyes, doll collars, and mini-dresses worn by French singers from the ’60s. Obviously, Megan Draper is my most beloved character from Mad Men. I dream of living in a tiny apartment in Biarritz, a small French town that sits just along the border with Spain.

Current Inspirations

Part Nouveau
Lilah Ramzi’s genius site explores the ties between the creative work and photography produced today and its historical and cultural roots, suggesting that most of fashion can only ever be “part nouveau.” (Did I mention she’s a genius?) I’m constantly impressed by Ramzi’s breadth of knowledge about the subject, and her always-incisive comparisons make the blog a fascinating read.

Miss Pandora
Created by an art history student from Paris, Louise Ebel’s dazzler of a blog takes a look at the connections between the art she admires and the clothing she loves. Her style is both nostalgic and rock-and-roll, mixing delicate florals and pearls with feathers and fishnets. I’m most drawn to the posts in which she styles and photographs herself to create modern reflections of her favourite classical paintings.

Natalie Kucken
Snapping her first photograph at only fourteen, this 17 year old Brooklyn-based photographer takes ethereal, soft-focus images that could be dreamed up in someone’s mind as easily as they exist in reality. Though the bulk of her portfolio is characterized by hazy portraits of fairy-like models, her street photography is most memorable to me; I’m in constant awe of her ability to capture something as ordinary as PDA and spin it into otherworldly gold.

Letters of Note
Edited by Shaun Usher, Letters of Note is an online archive of “fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos,” written and received by artistic wonders and political stars throughout the ages. My favourite is a 1933 letter written by F. Scott Fitzgerald to his eleven-year-old daughter, Scottie, when she was away at summer camp, in which he (adorably) calls her “Pie” and encourages her not to fret over mosquitoes.

Rio de Janeiro
There’s an almost mythic quality to Brazil’s second largest city, and I’ve been captivated by the colourful metropolis since I first saw City of God. I have yet to take in Rio’s pristine beaches and sprawling mountains myself, but when I do, I want Corcovado Mountain’s peak to be the very first place I explore.

text // Martina Bellisario
photography // Nicole Elsasser

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