Magenta Wornette

Seven years ago I found my way to Toronto after completing a fashion design program and eclectic array of university courses out west. I then studied merchandising, and have since worked doing everything from sewing to window display to waitressing to management. Really, though, my fashion education began in the very early eighties, when I skipped Kindergarten to go to work with my mom at her clothing store. I wiled away my fifth year crafting, reading and playing store DJ (that meant Culture Club on repeat). I guess it was good enough to get into grade one! My fashion inspirations come from many places – particularly old patterns, sewing and costume history books, and vintage album covers. I also like the thrill of the fashion hunt and making unloved garments happy again. When I first picked up Worn a few years ago, I was tickled to find such a smart fashion publication, and I’m excited to be here.

Recent Inspirations:

A Design Affair
Illustrator/Graphic Designer Sari Victoria’s inspirations, including many photos of New York window displays

Ysolda Original Patterns
Scottish Knitting designer Ysolda Teague makes me want to go to a stitch ‘n’ bitch in a cute Scottish Pub!

Design Sponge
Lifestyle driven, but I’m a sucker for “before and afters” as well as their Past and Present column

Access to vintage sewing publications, Let’s make some gloves!

Lisa Solomon
Illustration, doily Drawings and rifle targets – interesting art subjects and mediums

6 thoughts on “Magenta Wornette

  1. It should also be mentioned that Magenta makes the finest homemade Nuts ‘n’ Bolts this side of the 1970s. I will add that I would not be upset if she sent me the recipe…
    Welcome to WORN!

  2. Digging that vintage sewing info site….very inspiring, if only I knew my way around needle and thread! Methinks you should make me some gloves ;)


  3. Magenta! I am so excited to work with you, especially since we are the same person. And by same person, I mean go check out my intro post, I totally linked to too!

    I am really sad we can’t work together on Mondays anymore… blame OCAD.

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