Laura Wornette

Hello everyone and welcome to my brief introduction. My birth name is Laura, but many people call me Pinkey, Penny, or JB. I like pirates, cheese, and intriguing book covers, though not necessarily in that order. My childhood was spent deciding between which John Deere cap would be appropriate to milk cows in. Now, I spend my time deciding which Eve Gravel dress to buy each season (the only splurge I can afford and justify at the moment). Otherwise, you can find me toiling away as a Graphic Design student at Humber College. This has happily brought me to WORN, where I cannot wait to share the things I have learned and learn the things I have not.

P.S. When I grow up I want to have a pet monkey-pirate.

Current Inspirations:

Daily Drop Cap
Designer Jessica Hische creates beautiful drop caps for you to use on your blog or anywhere else that might need a drop of pretty.

Peppermint Magazine
The website is fairly new, but if you can find this Aussie eco-fashion magazine in stores you will definitely fall in love like I have.

Auto Machine
This is something fun and extremely time-consuming. Warning: you may lose many hours of your life to this highly addictive site.

Dainty Squid
Kaylah, the self-described cat lady, is cute as a button and I love her spunky style. Also worthy to note, her ever-changing nail polish art is enviable.

The Small Stakes
These music posters designed by the fabulous Jason Munn are brilliantly designed. I often visit for inspiration and end up wanting to buy them all.

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