Landon Wornette

Our newest graphic designer explains why the best things in life are free

After graduating from Durham College’s Graphic Design program I was able to turn my love of making art into a career. I have been designing professionally for three years at Reactor studio, were I work in branding, editorial design, print advertising, digital design, and in many other aspects of the modern art world.

My style has a wide range but I feel most comfortable being simple, smart, and clean—with both design and fashion. My interest in fashion crept up on me shortly after moving to the city. Soon I found myself taking pride in my closet’s collection rather than sniffing clothing off my bedroom floor and picking the least aromatic pieces to sport for the day. I’m a huge penny-pincher and will only look at sale racks and second-hand stores. My favorite accessory for the summer has been a free pair of sunglasses that came with a 6-pack of Growers Apple Cider.

Community is very important to me, and the WORN Journal community may be one of the best I have found!

current inspirations // Stefan Sagmeister, Parra, and this song.

further reading // check out Landon in our issue 13 article “Unbinding Bianaries: using clothing to unlock the door of gender identity

photography // Brianne Burnell

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