LADY LUCK – Announcing the Winner of the Gambler Giveaway

Find more great pics of Kenny here.

Well, kittens, it looks as though the demand for high-waisted jeans is not yet at a fever pitch. Fair enough. To be entirely honest, choosing denim on the internet is risky business no matter what. But a few of you brave souls rose to the challenge and one of you is about to reap a chic reward…

Though there weren’t a ton of entries, it was still a tough call. I’m always impressed with a girl who knows how to throw a punch – real or faux – and I admit the idea of having some sassy lady actually singing “Lady” while wearing Lady jeans is almost too good to be true… But in the end I had to go with the girl who was not only chosen by fate (what are the odds you’d be listening to Kenny at the moment you read the post), but who also knew the name of Kenny’s backup band. I never could help being impressed by trivia.

Congratulations, unnamed girl from Victoire! Get in touch and let me know where (and to whom) I should address this fancy package and I’ll put it in the mail, toot sweet!


2 thoughts on “LADY LUCK – Announcing the Winner of the Gambler Giveaway

  1. And also, you will likely never again see a picture of Lionel Richie eating a banana. This was a historic moment, people.

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