Katie Wornette

I graduated with an English and Cultural Studies degree from McMaster a few years ago and then took off to South Korea to teach English. There, I started the blog thank you, ok to share all of the amazing stuff I found in Seoul (like the cafes, the zines, and the stationery). I’ve lived in Toronto for about a year now and love exploring the city. My other likes include taking pictures, over-sized sweaters, Robyn, warm salads, and nail polish. I’m pretty much obsessed with magazines, so I’m overjoyed to be WORN’s publishing intern.

Current Inspirations

Decade Diary
This is the most beautiful place on the internet. Period.

Happy Accident
Here, Vancouver-based photographer, Jennilee Marigomen (of whom I’m a huge fan) shares a mix of photography, fashion, and Aunt Viv killing it. Jennilee also just published her first book, which is pretty awesome.

Intelligent Clashing
Another image-based blog, another blog leading me to unexpected corners of the internet. Run by Rhiannon Silver, Intelligent Clashing has a well-collected mash-up of prints, colours, and textures.

Ashley Rose Helvey
Sneaking two websites in this one. Ashley Rose Helvey runs both hunter gathererer, which makes me go all clickety-click, and a personal blog where she posts pictures of her daily life (including lots of wholesome/delicious looking meals!).

Turned Out
Portraits of girls and collages. And this.

photography by Samantha Walton

12 thoughts on “Katie Wornette

  1. Welcome Katie!! Cool nails! Turned Out is also one of my favorite blogs, and I can already tell that Decades Diary is going to be my new obsession…

  2. also – i love that you put “warm salads” as one of your favorite things – mine too! today i made such a good one! arugula with roasted chickpeas, mushrooms, onions, garlic and aged cheddar melted on top with a balsamic dijon vinaigrette. thats all for now!

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