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It’s my first day in the office and I realized that today is my worniversary. Four years ago today I dragged a group of drunken kids from residence with me to attend the launch party of Issue 5 in Montreal. They ditched me soon after for a club, but I stayed, and marveled at the pages in front of me. My worniversary is pretty fitting, considering that my main job here as a publishing intern will be to get the word out about the magazine, so that more fashion lovers around the world will get that same tingly feeling I had when I realized that this kind of magazine exists.

I have recently graduated from the creative writing program at Concordia University in Montreal and am back in Toronto now, rediscovering the city I grew up in. In my free time I like to scour second hand shops for vintage dresses, old school barware, and records. I’m trying really hard to replace my television streaming habit with reading the books our editor has recommended.

Current Inspirations:

Elsa Billgren
I love this unique Swedish blogger’s style—most notably her rotation of vintage gingham dresses, stunning photos, and use of colour.

All This Happiness
Kater is a Toronto blogger with an antique look, a thoughtful writing style, and an adorably bookish personality.

Awkward Girlhood Style
My biggest fashion regret is that I didn’t experiment with my style at all when I was a teenager. (If I could go back in time I’d like to get back the money I spent at Aritzia.) I love Allison’s article where she describes her awkward girlhood and use of style as a “revolving door of identity.”

Here’s Looking at Me Kid
I get so lazy when it comes to interior design, but Amanda’s vintage home has inspired me to do something with my place… one of these days.

Martin Reich’s Films for Citizen Vintage
Citizen Vintage puts out innovative photos and videos to promote their shop. You can spot me in one inspired by the teen angst oeuvre The Craft.

photography by Jessica da Silva

13 thoughts on “Jenny Wornette

  1. “I’m trying really hard to replace my television streaming habit with reading the books our editor has recommended.” ME TOO. Serah-Marie is always right about everything.

  2. I second Max – that picture is eight million kinds of gorgeous. I wholeheartedly understand the desire to replace tv-watching with books. I need to do the same. Welcome to the team, Jenny!

  3. I am reeling from this photograph of Jenny – her fashion sense and her “wornette” posting.

    Thanks Jenny for your substance – inside and out!

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