Jeepers Creepers

Looking at most mainstream magazines would lead you to believe that, in humans, physical beauty begins to unravel after 29. According to their timeline, I’m already well past my expiration date. (Ironically, I am also in the most sought-after and lucrative part of their target consumption demographic. It’s insulting, actually, but I digress.)

Lately, I’ve made an effort to collect fantastic images of stylish people over 50 – especially ones that haven’t been insanely blown-out or Photoshopped. It only takes one look at Isabella Rossellini, Helen Mirren, or Jane Birkin, to remind me that aging can be a breathtaking and beautiful process. And that’s just the dames.

How excited was I to find these stunning photos taken by Ben Watts (brother to Naomi) in 2004. The series documents Teddy Boys who have continued to cultivate and evolve a style they pioneered in the ’50s. They don’t look good for their age; they look good because of it.

Robert Pattinson, you have been schooled.

- g.

7 thoughts on “Jeepers Creepers

  1. Hear hear! The fashion-make-up-industrial-complex’s obsession with youth is not only offensive but commercially short-sighted. Bring on the glamorous sophisticates! These Teddy ‘Men’ are undeniably cool.

  2. Woah this post just caused an intense wave of nostalgia! That photographer had a spread in the NEw York TImes Fashion magazine “T”, and he used these pictures and subjects, back in 2004. I was obsessed with them and had that very pic on my agenda. I was a very cool 16-year old.

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