Jaclyn Wornette!

After graduating from Carleton University’s journalism program, I took some time to volunteer and travel in Southeast Asia. When I returned, I worked for just over a year at an Ottawa-based non-profit. This fall, I decided to move to Toronto and enrolled in Centennial College’s Book and Magazine Publishing Program, which is where I’m now happily spending my days. My fashion experimentations peaked at the age of eight when I would mix patterns and neons so obscene that my mum and sister would beg me to change my clothes before school every morning. I haven’t achieved such levels of greatness since, but am still an appreciator of anyone who takes fashion risks. I can tell that my time spent in the world of WORN will be filled with many new inspirations!

Current Inspirations

Copenhagen Cycle Chic
Pictures of people looking amazing while cycling through Copenhagen snow storms make me feel a little guilty about my winter hibernation tendencies.

Sally Jane Vintage
Lots of pretty vintage finds from this Pennsylvanian blogger. I’m always finding out about other blogs and sites through her links.

I’m grateful to my friend Jasmin for introducing me to this site. Killer clothes + fine cuisine = two of my favourite things in one place. The food posts make my jaw drop.

I don’t know who creates this blog, but it’s always filled with beautiful photos, fashion spreads and videos.

Book by Its Cover
Ok, this one’s not exactly fashion related – but a good book can make a great accessory! I love the handmade ones on this site.

7 thoughts on “Jaclyn Wornette!

  1. Me and my sister have had lengthy debates trying to decide what we think the author of Luxirare does for a living… She is so fantastic!

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