Issue 11 will be Awesome, but 10 is Still Here!

We have spent the last few sleep deprived weeks frantically scrambling to get issue 11 to the printers – the launch party is on November 13! – but that doesn’t mean we are ready to forget about issue 10. Now, I may be totally biased (full disclosure: I actually work for this magazine. Shocker, I know), but our last issue has a ton of good content including, but not limited to:

A gender-bending photoshoot inspired by hairstyles of kickass historical women! Setting the record straight on hijab terminology! Don Cherry’s iconic suits! An interview with Iris Haussler! A model tearing apart a chicken! Tavi talks Avedon! A look at the intense world of button collectors!

If haven’t already, I recommend you pick up a copy. As always, we strive for timeless content, so barring a zombie apocalypse this issue will still be relevant five years from now.

(Heads up, the next issues that will probably sell out are issues four and nine – my personal favourite – so get those while you still can).

- Anna Fitz
Video by Ave Smith

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