In the Mood for Wong Kar-Wai

Wong Kar-Wai’s 2000 film In the Mood For Love won all kinds of awards, but I mostly remember it for the main character Su Li-Zen’s fabulous wardrobe of Shanghai dresses. Each dress fits her so perfectly, it is as though the dress is fabricated for her out of some kind of silken liquid. The patterns on the full length dresses range from bold and colourful florals, to iridescent silks that shimmer with each graceful step she takes.

Bold florals and perfect hair create an impression in the shipping office where Su works.

Gorgeous iridescent silk shimmers in the streetlight, late at night on the streets of Hong Kong.

Interesting details at the neckline of these dresses add so much to an otherwise plainly styled outfit (it also doesn’t hurt that actress Maggie Cheung is spectacularly beautiful).

text and screencaps by Rachel Walker

4 thoughts on “In the Mood for Wong Kar-Wai

  1. Agreed! Sooo good. There’s something about Wong Kar-Wai’s set-in-the-’60s films. “Days of Being Wild” is also very good. Such warm rich tones – the styling is bang on.

  2. Cheongsams are traditionally made to order.

    We lived in Hong Kong at the time that the movie is set. My dad’s secretary wore cheongsams and her hair up like that.

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