“I Should Say, Latex is a Lady.”

Dressing for Pleasure is a 1977 film by the late Scottish documentary filmmaker John Samson. It is beautifully shot, with rich colours and textures, slow pans, and a soft look created by analog technology. It’s an objective take on the leather and latex culture which greatly influenced Britain’s punk scene. Footage from the film was used in numerous documentaries about the Sex Pistols, such as The Filth and the Fury, and a 1995 production by the BBC. While Samson’s work has often gone unappreciated, from both a film and fashion perspective, we can understand why he is finally starting to be recognized for his hard work and talent. Dressing for Pleasure captures through honest eyes a sensitive and important part of both fashion culture and sexual identity.

John Sutcliffe: leather couturier for Atomage Leather Couture Company and publisher of Atomage, a fashion magazine dedicated to fetish style started in 1972.

Model, actress and Bromley Contingent (the Sex Pistols’ entourage) member Jordan dresses in Vivienne Westwood’s SEX Boutique.

words and Screen Captures by Jenna Danchuk.
watch the film in its entirety here
further Reading by Marc Campbell for
Dangerous Minds

5 thoughts on ““I Should Say, Latex is a Lady.”

  1. Jenna, I love that you wrote about this. It’s interesting stuff and, in fashion terms, it’s both important and often forgotten.
    Good stuff.

  2. I remember these little demos from the Sex Pistol’s documentary. Always wondered where they came from and now I know! Thanks Jenna. Definitely going to have a look.

  3. The film itself is so beautiful, and the topic is, like Gwen said, often forgotten in the fashion world.

    Atomage seems like it was the coolest magazine ever (as far as I’m concerned).

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