Hillary and Valentina’s Day Off

What happens when you combine a Toronto native (Hillary Wornette) and a Hamiltonian (Valentina Wornette) and give them a Saturday to do as they please? They swap, shop, and hide in every air-conditioned place possible. I’m from Hamilton, the haven of all blue collar mentalities, so of course I was more than a little excited to be walked around Toronto.

Vintage Parking Lot Party Sale, 24A Liberty Street
We ventured out into Liberty Village in search of two lovely ladies, Natasha Negovanlis and Lia Thomaidis, who were holding a vintage sale over there. I may be biased since I know them, but the girls have impeccable taste, which was reflected by the selection they were offering. Months of hard work shopping (hard, hard work, I know) displayed itself in the form of a wide selection of dresses, tops, jewelry and shoes. Valentina picked up an adorable linen button up, while I lusted over shoes that were all at least half a size too small. There were snacks and refreshments to enjoy, meaning between this sale and the clothing swap (which was catered by Cora’s Magic Kitchen), our shopping adventure had kept me well fed and hydrated. - Hillary

Swap Don’t Shop At 103 Bellvue Ave.

Clothes that we have long grown tired of are usually banished to the depths of garbage bags that find themselves at your local Value Village. Hillary and I met up at the church and waited in line while things we’re being set up. Once we got in, we swapped in our clothes and 8 dollars for a stamp and permission to dig for treasure. There were 4 or 5 rows of tables spilt into your typical clothing categories, like pants, shirts, and so on. For the first 30 minutes we looked around and we both found some pretty fruitful finds. My most prized find is a pair of wooden nude Aldo pumps* which I was quick to get to. After the 45 minute mark the swap became pretty busy and Hillary and I both decided to stop searching. Hillary went to listen to an alterations workshop while I used the make shift change room. The swap had raffles (all the prize packs included 2 issues of WORN) and 3 workshops. They had three workshops, one on alterations, another on styling, one on how to make your moth bag, and one on how to do shibori fabric dying. - Valentina

*which unfortunately don’t fit, but a cobbler can hopefully quickly fix that.

The Rage 2 Kensington Ave.

When I was fifteen, I got really excited after going to the Rage and told the owner, Sara I was going to make things to sell in her store. The years have gone by and well, I have yet to organize myself enough to make something in a large enough run to sell it. But this weekend, with crisp new copies of issue 8 in hand, I finally got the satisfaction of giving her something to sell. That’s right, you can now check out WORN at the Rage! And while you’re at it, get distracted by the fantastic stock consisting of over 70 local designers. I am totally lusting after the floral rompers she has right now, but I can’t decide if my chronically hairy legs will compliment it or not. - Hillary

Courage My Love 14 Kensington Ave

This store fits the mentality of a treasure hunter to a tee. You could walk around this store 5 times and on the 6th try you would still find another newly discovered drawer to open. They have beads, jewelery, hosiery, and small skulls made of something that is hopefully not human bone. I have a quite strong attraction to triangles and snatched up a beautiful black arrowhead that has gold wire wrapped around it. It was definitely a find any treasure hunter could boast about proudly at the lovely price of 4$. Out of all the stores I went to on that humid Saturday this is one that will definitely rest of the forefront of my memory. The owners of the store somehow manage to create a curious atmosphere – one where you’re encouraged to poke around and see what you can discover. It’s quite the enchanting place. - Valentina

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