Wear Your Heart on Your Nails: Heartbreak Karaoke Nail Art Tutorial

You could wear your heart on your sleeve, but why not paint it on all ten of your fingernails? Pinky’s Nails has created this special nail art tutorial for WORN’s Heartbreak Karaoke: Summer Fling edition. This video shows how to create three looks each with two different options: a full heart and a broken heart, a crying Wornette and a clear-eyed Wornette, and two different kinds of music notes.

For all these looks, start with clean, unpolished nails—no baggage from previous nail art disasters. Paint a thin layer of base coat to stop a build-up of polish.

- Paint 2 thin layers of pink polish to ensure even colour.
- Drop a big dollop of red polish towards the bottom of the nail, near where the cuticle is.
- Pull the dollop upwards towards the top of the nail, allowing the colour to get progressively skinnier.
- If you want a broken heart, repeat on the opposite side, leaving a space in between the two lines. Using your nail polish brush, with very little polish, gently “feather” the inside of the two halves to create a slightly jagged look.
- If you want a full heart, repeat on the opposite side and join the two together in a “V” formation.
- Dip a dotting tool/toothpick in black nail polish. Using very small, short strokes, outline the heart in black. Create jagged edges by sharply painting over the feathered lines with the black paint.
- For full hearts, dip the toothpick in black paint and create a line of (loving) dots around the edges of the heart.
- For broken hearts, dip the toothpick in black paint and draw sharp (angry) lines radiating out of the heart.


- Paint 2 thin layers of polish to ensure even colour for the skin. For this tutorial, we chose the colours that looked the most like Jill; any colour will work for hair or skin!
- Drop a big dollop of black paint right at the bottom of the nail, where the cuticle begins. This will be the hair. Leave a lot of space for the hair to suggest a beehive hairdo. Keep the colour as smooth as possible, almost as though you are doing a half moon manicure.
- Dip a toothpick in the same colour you are using for the hair. Using short, small strokes, give your Wornette little “bangs.” Paint them on with little flips in opposite directions so it looks more natural.
- For a hair bow, take another toothpick and draw two little dots at the top of her hair; pull them towards each other so that they form a “V” shape. You can add a small contrasting colour in the center of the dot (like a bright pink!) or glue on a teeny gold bead, like Allison has done here.
- For closed eyes, take a toothpick dipped in black paint and draw two small semi circles. Add a tear with a toothpick dipped in blue paint and drag it downwards from the eye.
- For open eyes, paint two small white dots. Space them far apart. Add a tiny black pupil at the top of the dot so that she is looking up. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, you can give her eyeliner with another small stroke of black! Add a little flick at the end to suggest eyelashes.


- Paint 2 thin layers of polish to ensure even colour.
- Use a sewing needle or some other very small dotting tool—the smaller the better—and dip it in black nail polish.
- Place a dot towards one side of your nail and allow it to spread out naturally.
- Place a second dot a safe distance away from the first dot and allow it to spread out naturally.
- Use a striping brush or toothpick dipped in black polish to connect the two dots with a line that gets progressively thicker on side.
- For a single music note, make a small dot connected to a thin line. Create a small flare out of one side of the straight line.

You can mix and match all these looks – do them together with a few glittery/polka dot nails like we did here, or all music notes, or all hearts, or anything you want!

For all of these looks, finish with a top coat to ensure they last longer than your past relationships.

Show us your nails! Send pictures of your nail art via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. If you’re in Toronto, bring them to Heartbreak Karaoke on Tuesday, July 31st, 9 p.m. at Supermarket.

music: “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey
video by Daniel Reis
nail art by Allison Davey at Pinky’s Nails

8 thoughts on “Wear Your Heart on Your Nails: Heartbreak Karaoke Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Honesty, nothing is better for a broken heart than a little tlc and doing your nails up so fabulous. Except for maybe gin.

  2. YES! This is my sister and she is amazing with nails and drawing. She will take the time to make sure the nails look great.

    ONE THING: WORN, her name is Allison with two L’s …

  3. JILLLL you are so adorable! And yes to nails and gin! This made me want to get my nails done so hard guys. And I never have said that before.

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