We are looking for a volunteer to join our graphic design team. This position can used to fill internship credits, or for someone looking to gain experience in the design world. The Graphic Design Team lays out the entire print edition, as well as designing other projects like event posters and flyers, website updates, media kits, ads, renewal notices, pins, tee-shirts, and other products.

- Adobe Creative Suite 5 (mostly InDesign)
- a love of WORN and independent publishing

Can fulfill a commitment to:
- a minimum of seven months with the team
- attendance at general staff meetings on the 15th of every month
- attendance at weekly graphic design meetings every other Wednesday night from 7-9, weekly in the month leading up to printing.
- attendance at Image Board Meetings every month
- attendance at a design intensive weekend, scheduled in advance, a week prior to shipping issue to the printer
- additional 5-10 hours a week of design work

If you are interested in this role or have any questions, send a resume and portfolio including an editorial piece to laura @

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