5 thoughts on “Goodbye Alexander McQueen

  1. I’m not usually affected by the passing of those with whom I am unacquainted, but I always thought McQueen was a delightful hooligan (aptly nicknamed so) and I am truly sorry we won’t have any more of his lovely, absurd vision of fashion. I felt like he was a balancing force and I can’t think of anyone who could play that role as well has he did.
    But maybe he’s inspired an heir we haven’t met yet? That is a lovely thought.

    Long live McQueen.

  2. I can’t believe this! He was one of my absolute favorites… Gwen you’ve summed up my feelings best… I’m completely shocked.

    May he rest in peace.

  3. yea, what gwen said. His shows were amazing! And I only know this from the photographs and videos I’ve watched in the past, I never got to see one in person….and now I never will!
    I feel like he was an Einstein of fashion, odd and yet brilliant- I bet his mind would have been an extraordinary thing to see. Something out of Dr.Parnassus.

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