12 thoughts on “The Globe and Mail Calls WORN Names

  1. Here is a Facebook message I received from my best friend’s 14-year-old sister:

    “My mum is super duper excited about Worn being in the Globe today. She is super duper proud of your life accomplishments. She is so super duper excited that she shoved the paper in my face this morning just as i was waking up and stumbling into the kitchen half asleep. “ELLIE! look at this, worn magazine, WORN! We know that dont we?! Stephanie works for them! STEPHANIE! Worn! Oh my God! This is incredible! Ellie, do you see this, they are in the GLOBE! Ellie, LOook. Oh this is so great! Ellie, why didnt you tell me the magazine was this sucsESSful!? Ellie, tell her i’m so proud of her. This is great! Why didnt you tell me about this?….” and so on.”

  2. Hey Serah-Marie,

    For those who saw your post and haven’t read my article in the Globe, I would like to say that neither I nor the editor who wrote the headline called WORN any names. The phrase “fashion nerds” came from g. stegelmann, who is quoted in the piece.


    Robert EG

  3. Hello Robert,

    Trust us, over here we understand that being referred to as a nerd is a good thing – we assume our general readership thinks this as well! The title of this post is tongue in cheek (chic?).

    Thanks again for the kind words in your article!
    Anna Wornette

  4. The word “nerd” implies “intelligence”. People who are not mindless “fashionistas”, slavishly wearing whatever the fashion industry shoves at them every 4 months, but people who bring THOUGHT and INSIGHT to the process of “dressing up”. Therefore “fashion nerd” is , at heart, a serious COMPLIMENT; it means that “WORN’ is DOING ITS JOB. If it was just another ‘fashion rag’ i certaily wouldn’t bother to spend good MONEY on it;that’s what I did for years with Vogue and Flare until I smartened up and realized they were all just shilling for the fashion INDUSTRY and were not at all concerned with STYLE, just pushing the latest crap at the consumer!

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