GIVEAWAY: Prep-tastic Laptop Sleeve

We have one of these stylish laptop sleeves from Finders & Keepers to give away to one lucky Worn reader. To win, tell us a story in the comments about an item of clothing you’ve loved and lost. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us ponder the very meaning of our existence. You have until Friday, August 24th. Our favourite story wins the sleeve.

images by Veronica Wong

7 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Prep-tastic Laptop Sleeve

  1. When I was 9 I found a pair of big, pink bug eye sunglasses in the lost and found at the swimming pool. The minute I saw them I knew I had tO have them. The following year my family moved to Paris, and since I was moving to the fashion capital of the world I knew that I had to dress to impress, so I would walk around town with my pink glasses feeling like a true celebrity, getting complements from girls older than and just looking totally diva- like. One day, my sister and I were sitting by the side of the seine river, playfully slapping eachother, when my beloved dummies were knocked into the water. They sunk. I cried. The end

  2. when i was a teenager and started thrifting, my mother wasn’t really feelin’ it. she was happy i wasn’t spending all my time and money at the local mall, but was starting to hate the way i dressed. she thought it made it look as though my parents didn’t have enough money to buy me new clothes (…which they didn’t) and would often hide specific items she thought made me look like a, her words, “hobo.” these would be tattered argyle socks, ill-fitting old man pants… and sometimes, my favourite, my old man cardigans.

    i thrifted at least five or six, but there was one in particular i practically lived in. an ugly grey-brown colour, with those perfect old-school leather buttons… and that balance of comforting wooly soft-meets-scratchy. i wore it every day, over my catholic school girl uniform. when teachers would say it wasn’t in the dress code, i would proudly point out it only said “cardigan,” not “immaculate boring standard blue cardigan with school crest.” i wore it so proudly, and so often that the elbows quickly developed holes, and i had worn in holes in the sleeves that fit perfectly over my thumbs. it completely suited my awkward teenage desires of how i wanted to present myself…

    as the weather got warmer, i didn’t couldn’t find it anymore. i searched high and low in my pigsty of a bedroom, and finally – exasperated, at the end of my rope – asked my mom. “which cardigan?” she said, pretending to not have been thrilled to see me only wearing my uniform polo for the past few days, instead of that tattered sweater. she evaded my questions as much as possible, yet i still felt the need to pester her for days, insisting she must have seen it…

    it was the summer, i hardly needed it for months, but never forgot about it. the fall came around and i headed to university, and i searched high and low for a cardigan that would compare with that one. i never really did.

    eventually, years later, she admitted to having thrown it away.

  3. My partner had given me a red wood ring to represent our love :) I wore it all the time! Then I went away for a few weeks for an elective at school, so I brought it with me to remind me of my partner. I have the bad habit of removing my rings when I wash my hands to make sure I don`t damage them. Being very distractible, one night that I was working at the hospital, I unfortunately forgot to put it back on and forgot it in a washroom! The next day, I went looking for it all over the hospital, in all the washrooms that I had used… but it was nowhere to be found. I was so sad!!! I told my partner, and the following week, guess what I received by mail… a new red wood ring to replace the one I had lost! :)

  4. Once upon a time while traveling solo around Europe, I purchased this gorgeous silver ring while in Ireland. It would have been the perfect engagement ring had I met the man of dreams, but alas, I was still single. That however, did not deter me! I purchased the ring and wore it on my wedding hand with pride every single day. After a few years, I had lost a bit of weight and the ring started to feel very loose on my finger. I remember thinking I should change this to a different one, but for some strange and stupid reason, I did not. While, I would regret that decision one hot summer day while somewhat roughing it at a friend’s cottage in the woods. After a few cocktails (okay, a ton of cocktails), I stumbled my way to the outhouse. Once I had relived myself of said cocktails, I stood up and as I pulled my knickers back on the ring slid off my finger and down into the gory abyss. Tears were shed. Dreams were shattered. In my saddened state, I even BRIEFLY grabbed a flashlight to see if I could potentially retrieve the ring. Noticed that I emphasized briefly.

    Months would pass and eventually, after a rigorous online search, I was able to get in touch with the jewelry designer who crafted my precious ring. A few weeks and a couple of dollars later, I had the ring back and on my finger. This time though, it’s on my index finger and it’s a tight fit.

  5. jenna, i’m sure they were hardly the only ones. i guess i see where they were coming from but i’ll still always be like, “mooooooooooooooooooom!”

    it’s so funny, now that i’m in my mid-twenties she has given me the thing she (attempted to) forbid me from wearing when i was a teenager, like 16-hole doc martens. love it!

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