For Keeps: a Mending Show, Call for Submissions

Ever accidentally break a beloved trinket, only to have the day saved with the creative and deceptive use of sticky putty? Receive a hand-me-down garment from your great-great-grandmother with patches in all the right places? Have a friend tell you, “I think the super-glued cracks adds character to your fine China!”?

WORN is very excited to be teaming up with Toronto Craft Alert and City of Craft to present For Keeps: a Mending Show.

Filled with mended works – originals and photographic portraits by photographer Danijela Pruginic – For Keeps is a celebration of everyday beauty and the intricate stories behind things we care enough about to fix when broken.

You may be harbouring a piece of art in your home without even knowing it. If you have a garment, textile, or household object with visible repairs and a story to tell, we’d love to see a photo and learn about its history. Objects that can be mounted on a wall are preferred.

You can submit your piece here, but act quick: the deadline for submissions is on Wednesday, September 15, 2010.

WORN will be hosting the opening reception (date to be confirmed, but you can still start getting excited), and the show will run from December 9th to 18th 2010, at the Great Hall’s Cream Tangerine Café Gallery during the annual City of Craft fair.

Above: Slipper Darning (2010). Work and photograph by Becky Johnson.

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