Fereiro Family Fashion, Part 2: Before I was Born

I’ve always been obsessed with my family’s old photo albums; they bring back memories so far gone that sometimes I think I’ll never get them back. On a recent visit with my parents, my dad (while looking for some important papers in a tightly-packed drawer) stumbled upon some albums from his own childhood and teenage years. It was the seventies and eighties; the bell-bottoms were nothing short of epic, the plaids were so bad they were good, and the floral-prints were downright groovy.

Where to begin? Look at those pants (second from the left, like you didn’t already notice)!
Then there’s my grandmother and Auntie Ruth in plaid (on the right). Also note my
Uncle Bill’s hair (centre, back) and that awesome shearling coat in the front row.

Here’s my dad’s mum in a poppy-printed dress, belted at the waist. Spring inspiration?

Well, what do we have here? There’s some wicked-cool knee-high socks with what looks
like a school kilt and a leather jacket. Then there’s the mustard yellow tops (far left, far right), and
my dad in double-denim (front and centre). My cousin Adam sports a bonnet and one-piece sleeper.

Dad’s mum again, this time wearing a simple, navy, nautical-themed outfit.

Auntie Ruth, perfectly happy in purple flowers. If I were in that dress, I’d be smiling too.

I don’t have any recollection of the events at which these photos were taken — I hadn’t yet been born. But somehow, looking at these albums, I’d like to think I was there. I’d like to think my personal style grew from all of these people. Because, after all, I knew my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents before I knew my right shoe from my left.

- Stephanie Fereiro

9 thoughts on “Fereiro Family Fashion, Part 2: Before I was Born

  1. When my great grandmother passed away last year I found a treasure trove of drawers full of old photos dating back to her childhood all the way up to the late 60′s when my mother was born. I found myself feeling exactly how you did, like my personal style somehow grew from her full skirted black dresses and floor length wool coats. Amazing photos and great insight Steph!

  2. Stephanie, I love these. Old photos are my favourite, and these ones are really wonderful. And I agree that, somehow, looking through old photos of your family makes you feel somehow connected to them, despite not having been born yet. For me, it’s pictures of my grandmother–I feel like being interested in the things she was wearing in some way connects me to her entire generation (which has always fascinated me), and to the person she was before I’d ever met her.

  3. That second photograph is so beautiful, I’m tempted to save it.

    Really hope there’s a part three of Fereiro Family Fashion in the making.

  4. These are beautiful photos and they actually remind me of a friend of mine that’s become rather enthusiastic about documenting our university experience. What usually comes to mind whenever she brings this up is the usual facebook/myspace pouty faced bathroom pictures. (Which irk me to no end…) And I’m already a squeamish person when it comes to getting my picture taken. Buuut I like these pictures so much that I’m more likely to go along with my friend’s picture taking fervor. I’ll have these pictures in mind the next time she asks me to smile and say, “cheese.”

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