Faux Love

Though I love a good episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” as much as the next wise soul, I’m generally not an advocate of anything fake. The world has enough terrible Louis Vuitton knock-off purses and wallets to fill the province of Alberta twice*, and more slightly oblong Chanel double ‘C’s’ than I can count (my knowledge of numbers gets fuzzy after the kajillions). Authenticity is important if you want to be taken seriously, and while I’m not suggesting that consumers should be slaves to expensive brands (or brands at all), but as the enlightened Judge Judy once said, “Don’t piss on my foot and tell me it’s raining.” Capiche?

A month or so ago I was shopping in one of my favourite thrift stores when I spotted (ha, pun intended) a faux leopard print coat. I tried it on, noticed the busted seams and decided to forego a purchase that would need too much fixing up. I did the stupid If-You-Love-Something-Let-It-Go thing – ladies, you know the drill. Find something you love, don’t put it on hold, leave the store, go home and fantasize about said something, return to the store in a frantic mess four minutes before closing, find that your precious something has been sold, swear it wasn’t meant to be. Why do we do this?!

So I did the drill, returned, and discovered that the leopard coat and I were not meant to be, but something remained. Are you there God? It’s me, Carmen. Thanks for replacing the leopard coat with a…er…a Cruella Deville coat? I guess that’s one of the joys of faux fur – you have no idea what animal it’s supposed to be faking.

I can say with confidence that I would not have worn faux fur last year, or even six months ago. In a lot of ways this is what I like about fashion, the transformative aspect. What’s ugly one day is acceptable the next and we are forced to re-evaluate why we even like certain shapes and textures in the first place. I thought bell-bottoms were downright laughable when they came back in the 90’s, but quickly grew to love them. I maintain that Uggs will never find their way into my heart, but bless your little soul if you’ve made peace with them. I suppose my sense of personal style has been formed, in part, by embracing the ugly of yesteryear. So for me at least, it’s out with the old and in with the new. I promise, no boob jobs and no collagen lip injections, but for now I’m going fake on your asses.

-Carmen Vicente

*This “fact” is not grounded in truth or verifiable research.

7 thoughts on “Faux Love

  1. Carmen youre such a badass on them stairs!

    But no totes…I kinda have a theory that everything I thought was awesome from gap kids in the 90s will be fabulous in the next 5 years. (case in point high waisted flairs, puffy day glo jackets…well im not sure if anyone but me thinks those are cooll…but the point remains… ugly schnazz can be strangely delightful.

    (your coat looks foxy tho. defs not at the dayglo michelin man level!


  2. I think you look like a snow leopard!

    Your thoughts on the ever-cyclical nature of fashion are well put. I think it’s interesting that people seem to be referencing the recent past more and more, especially us who grew up in the 90s. Though, I can’t think of anything I thought was heinous then and love now…

    Also, that coat also makes me wonder, how do I say, “where da gold at?”

  3. Ooh la la.

    When I was really little, I used to see this lady around town all the time that wore a huuuuge, floor-length fur coat. She was tall and blonde and always looked SO glamorous – and I’ve always loved fur a little bit (although I have yet to wear it myself) because of her. And now because of you! That is one great coat.

  4. It looks completely lovely. I hate that feeling when you come back and it’s not there. Even worse…when you ponder something for ages and ages then think better of it and leave it in the store. Next thing you know, you think about it for days, return and it’s gone! Happened today, I wanted to buy a skirt but they were all sold out :( Should have bought it first time round!

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