Falling for Fall

It wasn’t until I caught myself telling people (on multiple occasions), “I don’t buy summer clothes,” that I realized why autumn is my favourite season. I thought it was the changing leaves, the fleeting excitement of starting new classes, or the ability to order a hot cup of coffee without being asked, “would you like that iced?” Then, in late July, as I found myself wearing dresses from three summers ago and not wanting to spend money on summer clothing (even though I needed it), I realized that my love for fall stems from one thing: clothing.

What I love most about fall clothing isn’t so practical a reason as being able to wear the same pieces throughout the year, but with less layers. It’s the layering itself that really gets me going. Forget jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie. No, no. I’d rather wear tights, frilly socks, boots, a skirt, a t-shirt, an oversized cardigan, a scarf, a hat, and – well, you see where this is going. In the summer heat, “putting an outfit together” in the morning feels like “finding the outfit I’ll sweat least in.” I dread it. In the fall, though, getting dressed in the chilly morning feels like baking a layer-cake of textures and colours that will keep me warm, comforted, all day long. Who doesn’t like cake?

So, I ask you two things:

What season do you love getting dressed in, and why? And does anyone know of a country where the temperature rests permanently around 15 degrees celsius? I’d like to move there.

Words by Stephanie Fereiro
Photos by Samantha Walton

13 thoughts on “Falling for Fall

  1. Totally feel the same way. I much prefer dressing for fall/winter, come to think of it any season other than summer, when the “what I’ll sweat least in” outfits definitely come into play, and fashion seemingly goes out the window

  2. “getting dressed in the chilly morning feels like baking a layer-cake of textures and colours that will keep me warm, comforted, all day long” – what a lovely quote! And so true!

  3. Fall is best – agreed. As a person who actually likes to wear clothes, it’s nice to put some back on after summer’s fascist minimalism. Plus, pockets! (The worst thing about really hot weather is trying to figure out how to carry keys, bikelights and lipgloss without having to schlep a bag.)

    But Spring is close second. After a few months of parkas and toques, it’s nice to remember my body actually has a definable shape. It’s also nice to be able to turn around without accidentally sweeping things off tables and shelves.


  4. I know exactly what you mean, Steph. I have recently rediscovered a lovely sea-green oversized cardigan from Harry Rosen (which I got at Value Village for like five dollars) that I want to snuggle in every day. T-shirts wither quickly; sweaters are forever.

  5. Yes – sweaters are forever. I love fall clothes, too. I am infinitely comforted by sweaters and I’ve missed tights and boots and socks and scarves so very much. And tights. Oh, how I have missed wearing tights.

  6. I’m definitely a Fall girl sartorially. I love to layer! Summers in DC are unbareable, so getting dressed is not as fun until it gets a bit cooler out.

  7. oh my my favorite conversation. i have been waiting for fall ever since i moved to Montreal, the heat waves in summer! i literally worked in a bikini (from home) and didn’t buy any clothes. now i am waking up smiling snuggling under the quilt and imagining all the layering possibilities; elbow length leather gloves, long johns, 2 dresses, giant army jacket, fur wrap, wool socks, cute boots. more is more.

  8. i could have written this post word for word. i loathe hot temps and by extension, summer as a season. it’s great for my garden but i suffer fashion-wise when it’s roasting outside!

    you would LOVE san francisco. because of the geography of the area, the temps almost always hover around the 60s (F), even in “summer”. in winter it never really goes below 40s, and never really freezes. there are a couple weeks in september (!!) that get hot, but otherwise, it’s alternating sunny/fog/wind. perfect layering locale, almost all year long. you have to layer, so you can remove layers, because the temp even changes in different neighborhoods (and it’s a small, 7m x 7m city!). i lived there for three years, and as far as the weather was concerned, i was in HEAVEN.

  9. I love fall fashion! Especially the color camel for this season. Though I tend to destroy my fall outfits when I am biking because it gets so chilly at night, I have to pack on a bunch of premature winter layers. Maybe I should find a cuter way to do this!

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