Be an Event Wornette: Help us raise funds and connect WORN to the community

We have thrown some truly great parties. Karaoke cry fests, decade dances, and gala fundraisers – not to mention balls where everyone comes dressed like a cat. We love to celebrate with our readership and community, but all this play isn’t without a little elbow grease behind the scenes. We do our best to cook up something special for every WORN event, and now we need another crafty event wornette to donate his or her own special spice to our upcoming launch parties and fundraisers.

The successful applicant will be working closely with the current event director to divide tasks, generate ideas, and explore the possibilities of additional programming.

What an Event Wornette Does
- work closely with the event director
- generate ideas for WORN parties and fundraisers, working with the team to execute the event from start to finish
- source out interesting venues and locations
- conceive of and lead promotional campaign (includes overseeing photoshoots, flyer, and poster design)
- create and stick to a budget
- write press releases and promote the event to the press
- secure sponsorships from supportive, like-minded companies
- attend a monthly staff meeting and bi-weekly event meetings at the WORN office
- attend Toronto fashion events on behalf of WORN

What You Need To Do It
- mad organizational skills
- nimble problem solving capabilities
- desire to get crafty
- knowledge of Toronto’s nightlife venues and special events
- inclination to schmooze a little

On average 5-6 hours a week, double time just before an event, and we ask for a 2 launch party commitment.

WORN is an all-volunteer art project. We self-distribute, self-publish, and pretty much self-everything. That means that (so far) no one, not even the editor, gets paid. However, we are working hard to change this, as we believe that all contributors deserve compensation.

All candidates should submit a resume and answers to following questions in an attached document to

1) Who attends WORN parties? What kind of person are they?

2) Describe the best event you’ve been to. What were the elements that made it special?

3) Pitch us three WORN event ideas. Please include details such as possible names, location ideas, promotional ideas, how the event would generate funds, and any possible difficulties you might come across executing this event.

4) What do you think is the most effective form of promotion?

5) Detail your weekly schedule. When do you work? Are you in school?

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