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Bonjou! My name is Esmé and I am one of Worn’s new editorial interns. I graduated from Etobicoke School of the Arts last year, and this is my first experience working at a fashion magazine.

I like to take my fashion cues from looking through trunks at my Grandma’s, watching British TVO and PBS shows (specifically those about small town police stations set in the sixties … Heartbeat anyone?), people watching and FT reruns. I also really enjoy the styling in Sofia Coppola and Wes Anderson (shout-out to Anna!) films. My friend Stef and I are recently began making a line of reconstituted vintage and second hand clothes, and working at Worn has been a constant inspiration. I also enjoy perusing online museum galleries of historical dress.

my current inspirations…

Die Young, Stay Pretty
Lovely photos!

New York Times writer Guy Trebay
Often intriguing take on contemporary fashion.

18th Century Blog
A great resource for online clothing galleries and a plethora of historical portraits.

Marie Antoinette’s Gossip Guide to the 18th Century
An ongoing research project between art historians meant to connections… [between] personalities, rumours, art, fashion, politics, theatre, music, literature, and gossip!

Victoria & Albert Museum
A FINE source of information on historical fashions… including such fascinating articles as “Men in Skirts”.

9 thoughts on “Esmé Wornette

  1. Ahhh yay Esme! I didn’t know you went to the School of the Arts, what did you study there?

    Aaaand pretty movies are pretty! Wes and Sofia make the most visually stunning movies (even if I found Marie Antoinette to be a bit on the boring side…but aaah, those shoes!!!!)

  2. Woot – Heartbeat!
    My father has recently taken to watching those BBC cop shows on TVO. When I go home I watch with him. I don’t know they necessarily provide me with direct fashion inspiration, but I love the British aesthetic that, as opposed to the North American quest for Barbie perfection, seems to embrace character and eccentricity above all.

    I also like the styling in Wes Anderson movies – much more than I like the narratives these days. After Darjeeling I decided that WA has decided to let the whole plot thing go and focus on Aesthetic Perfection instead. He’s getting pretty close… but I worry that by the time he achieves it the deteriorating storylines will be unbearable… hee hee.


  3. Good point about the WA plot (er..lack thereof perhaps?) dilemma…I tend to think The Royal Tenenbaums was the perfect blend of aesthetic and narrative (the “hey jude” sequence profiling the kids at the beginning!!) but ya, Darjeeling…was probably more pretty (the luggage!!!) than anything else. Still though.. I enjoyed it.

    And yeah! Heartbeat! Right on! (it’s exciting to find fellow viewers! Apparently it’s been running for TWENTY seasons and has at times topped Coronation Street in popularity…takeee thatt!

  4. oh come on, between Sofia and Wes you call Wes out for not having the plot? I think he does have a very structured view…it seems a bit plotless because it’s not so much action focused, but I notice that he tends to write his movies like plays, in acts…I can sense you rolling your eyes but it’s true, allow me to explain!
    Ok, Bottle rocket, it has the opening act, where the focus is on Anthony and Dignan working a heist, the second act mostly focuses on the romance, the third act is the action and where everything comes together. But I do think he’s stories are more linear and focused than I usually here people give him credit for [and he *does* get a lot of credit, but for other things, like the visuals.]
    And he’s funny! I’m sorry but that’s my biggest point when people try to compare him to other quirky directors, most of them dont have the laugh-out-loud aspect that wes has. I mean, granted, when you have bill murray telling all your jokes it’s easy to make them hilarious, but this is gold: You won’t find miranda july doing that.

    I’m going off on a tangent, this isnt the first time I’ve had to defend my boy though.

    <3 Fitz

  5. Esme I took a photography class at your school a couple years ago. I would have loved to go to an artistic school! Please tell me more about this wonderful line of clothing you an Stef are working on. It makes me giddy just hearing about it!

  6. ESME!

    Congratulations on superb work!

    I fully expect to be reading and hearing much more about you especially the clothing line…your resources are truly imaginative and impressive.

    Keep it up and don’t let ANYTHING discourage that imagination!

    Judy Cameron

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