Eleven Heavy Things

Posing for photographs is no walk in the park. Even Wornettes get a little camera shy.

On my Labour Day weekend trip to New York, I encountered just that trouble.

“It’s the Brooklyn Bridge! Smile!”

And with all of that pressure, my smile quickly turned into a one-sided upward distortion followed by a single eye closure. Snap!

Lucky for me, Miranda July had it covered when my friend and I stumbled upon Union Square Park on a sunny afternoon. Upon entering, we spied several sculptures scattered about the park. As July explains on her website, “For your convenience, eleven professional props will be installed in Union Square Park in New York, all summer”, and how convenient it was.

There were blocks upon which to stand, eyelets in which to stick a finger, holes with which to frame a face.

There were curious empty spaces which could both surprise and delight.

But let me tell you, there is nothing better to distract from facial distortion caused by camera-anxiety than a giant fiberglass headpiece.

Unfortunately, we could not rely on July’s fantastical fashions to accessorize the rest of our vacation.

Those things are just too darn heavy to take home.

Miranda July’s Eleven Heavy Things will be on display at Union Square Park in New York City until October 3. It is the final public project presented by Deitch Projects.

- Jennifer Carroll

5 thoughts on “Eleven Heavy Things

  1. Originally, my dream is to have a man with an accordion and another with a trumpet to follow me around. But this will do. Especially the pink one! That one looks like a follower blob. It will change its figure to complement mine! Come on, blob, I’m walking…..

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