Dress The Part: 10 Movie Posters Inspired by Men’s Styles

I’m finding it really difficult to choose which is my favorite from this series of mock movie posters by Moxie Creative House – ten posters inspired by the iconic men’s fashion in each film. A pair of suspenders or a bow tie or a hat can become a subtle but crucial part of character development, but sometimes that article of clothing is less subtle, like Patrick Bateman’s plastic coat and axe. That is DEFINITELY the outfit of a yuppie murderer.

I’d love to see this series repeated with iconic women’s fashion, like Annie Hall’s tie and fedora or a red scrunchie from Heathers.

Tell us in the comments what other posters you’d like to see!

- Haley Mlotek

8 thoughts on “Dress The Part: 10 Movie Posters Inspired by Men’s Styles

  1. I’m loving the graphic simplicity in the posters and also how there’s a certain visual language that you can connect to Moxy Creative House.

    I wish there was blood on the American Psycho poster though, you know, just a little bit.

    I would like to see a poster for Zoolander.

  2. I love this concept because it sharply illustrates how unique costuming can become shorthand for the entire movie.

    I’m just going to list a couple ideas for my favourite movies: Gene Kelly’s trenchcoat from ‘Singin’ in the Rain’; Dorothy’s gingham dress from ‘Wizard of Oz’; Kate Hudson’s jacket from ‘Almost Famous’; three white suits and pearls, with matching pumps, for ‘First Wive’s Club.’

    And I suppose a little black dress for ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is pretty obvious.

    Oh, and some sort of plaid suit/knee-sock/headband combo for ‘Clueless’!

  3. How about a caped coat and deerstalker cap for Sherlock Holmes or a monocle and moustache for Clue? I bet, with the right frames, you could reduce Superman to a single pair of glasses.

  4. ah! i just shared the one for the shining on my tumblr, since it was my halloween costume this year!

    as for suggestions, you guys came up with some good ones! i’d like to see it for some classic new wave films, like à bout de souffle just because of its iconic status, or my personal favourite alphaville. her fur trimmed coat always wins over my heart, and if it had the same graphic treatment as the aforementioned? lovely.

    also, another obvious sartorial choice would be the royal tenenbaums.

  5. Movie wise all I can think about is Harry Potter so I’d be thrilled if a poster was done for that movie franchise. Clueless, Amelie, Some Like it Hot would all be other movie posters I would be more than eager to see.

  6. Great idea (although as a costume designer I’m somewhat biased). Love to see Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress from Some Like it Hot, also a Moulin Rouge poster reaturing Satine’s bedazzled showgirl outfit and top hat, and a Rocky Horror poster – Frankenfurter in is fishnets and corset, Brad and Janet in their white underwear.

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