DIY Sleepovers: Bubbly, Baking, and Barrettes

Gluing things to other things has always been a favourite pastime of mine. Add champagne, my best friend and nighties and you’ve got a recipe for the best slumber party since The Baby-Sitters Club: Dawn and the Big Sleepover. We picked up some cheap barrettes from the dollar store, scoured our apartments for trinkets and thingamajigs (think old necklaces, pillowcases, shoelaces, or old perfume bottles) and plugged in a hot glue gun. The result: some pretty fantastic barrettes that I will probably never wear, but had too much fun making.

text and video by Casie Brown

5 thoughts on “DIY Sleepovers: Bubbly, Baking, and Barrettes

  1. DIY Sleepovers Part Two (Electric Boogaloo) coming to an apartment near us (Max). What crafty things should we tackle next?
    Opinions? Ideas? Suggestions? Requests? GIVE ME THEM.

    I’m excited.

  2. I just love this video so much – the teacup aesthetic + harry potter song + dreamy girls making things is just the right combo!

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