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I’m excited to be joining WORN for realzies after collaborating on videos for the past two launch parties, Time After Time and the Fancy Pants Vintage Dance. I just started to wear shorts again after several years of maintaining a stringent pants-only policy. (Sorry, Tom Ford). If I could Midnight in Paris myself into another time and place it would be NYC in the late 70s or early 80s, as evidenced by my first two current inspirations entries.

Current Inspirations

Where’d You Get Those
This book is like an illuminated manuscript of the NYC sneaker scene from 1960-1987. Author Bobbito Garcia has a story for every pair of shoes featured here. And if anyone wants to buy me Magic Johnson (purple/yellow) and Larry Bird (green/white) 1986 Converse Weapons I won’t stop them.

Wild Style: The Sampler
This book is a killer companion to Charlie Ahearn’s landmark 1982 film Wild Style which documents the rise of hip-hop in the South Bronx. Primarily focused on the emerging graffiti scene at the time, you almost feel as if you’re watching a culture invent itself in real time. The film and book feature appearances by real DJs, MCs, and B-boys and girls wearing some of the coolest threads you’ll ever see.

Titles Designed by Saul Bass
Saul Bass’ career as a title designer spanned several decades and saw him work with directors such as Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Scorsese. His elegant and memorable credit sequences are beautifully showcased in this online gallery curated by the film blog Not Coming to a Theater Near You.

This Tumblr squeezes an entire film into one wide thumbnail creating an abstract sequence of vertical lines that gives a portrait of that film’s colour scheme from beginning to end. Try looking at the barcode of a film you’re familiar with and you’ll be able to pick out particular scenes based on the changes in colour.

Probably my favourite YouTube channel, this is a treasure trove of theme songs, commercials, and other precious junk from the 70s, 80s, and 90s that will be familiar to any Ontarian. Currently boasting over 1,800 videos, it’s easy to get lost in a K-hole of nostalgia.

photography by Samantha Walton

7 thoughts on “Daniel Wornette

  1. That moviebarcode link, man. Just realized I went all the way through to page 15. Mesmerizing stuff!

    Also, hi Dan!! Sam, this is a lovely picture as well, the colours are great!

  2. Remember that time Daniel made a montage of all the outfits Buffy wears in Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Oops, I mean all the outfits the Heathers wear in Heathers? Oops, I mean… Welcome to WORN, Faniel. (I typed your name “Faniel” by accident but decided not to change the F to a D. Now it’s a combination of “film” and “Daniel” and — wow, I need to go to bed.) Welcome, Daniel! Keep those videos coming.

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