Crushing on Scarffaces

Last Christmas, my best friend Laura made me a big, chunky-knit, red scarf. It was so beautiful that people would stop me on the street to ask where I got it. “Oh,” I would say smugly. “You can’t buy it. My really cool friend made it just for me.”

Well, it looks like I’ll have to wipe that smug look off my own face. Now anyone can own a scarf handmade with love: Laura is officially in business as Scarffaces. Laura uses the softest wool and the most beautiful colours customized for each order. You can choose between several different styles—a Will-E (named after our friend Will and everyone’s favorite waste disposal robot), a Val Braided Headband (named after our friend Valary), or even a Boobie (in support of breast cancer research). For obvious reasons, I highly recommend the Haley.

She is truly revolutionizing the way people think of scarves and faces, and that’s why I’m crushing on her.

Tell us about Scarffaces!
Scarffaces is a company I started by myself, based in Brooklyn. I hand knit all items and choose the yarn based on my personal aesthetic. Having endured five years of cold, long winters in Montreal, I try to make all of my Scarffaces thick-knit and bulky to create the warmth needed for the coldest weather.

Where did the name “Scarffaces” come from?

My dad came up with the name Scarffaces after a long brainstorm session. It’s perfect because it’s not only the name of the company but it’s also the name of the products! They’re not just scarves, they’re SCARFFACES.

How long have you been knitting? What is your favourite thing about knitting?
My grandmother taught me how to knit about six years ago. I enjoy knitting because I like creating things and making something that you can’t necessarily buy in stores, something customized to my own taste. I like to mix materials that aren’t traditionally used together to make it more unique. Each year I try to make something new. Last year I made my first pair of mittens and just the other day I made my first pompom!

Why did you decide to turn your hobby of knitting into a business?
Each year I would get more and more requests from friends to make them things around Christmastime. It was getting to the point where I would be so worn out by Christmas morning that I didn’t even want to look at my knitting needles again. This year I thought it would be a good idea to have people choose early and purchase them from me rather than become a knitting fanatic for the month of December.

You’re a full time graduate student at NYU. How do you find time for Scarffaces and school?
At the beginning of the year I bought a bookstand for less than five dollars! Now I can study and knit at the same time. I also knit on the subway. I’ve knitted once under the table in class, but I think that it might get distracting to other students. It’s mesmerizing to watch—everyone looks at me when I knit on the subway, which makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I must do it for Scarffaces.

Each Scarfface is named after a different person—what is the significance of this? Do you try to match the personality of the person with their respective Scarffaces?
Each year I would choose scarves for a few select people. For example, I made the Will-E for Will’s birthday a few years ago because I thought that the style fit his personality. I made the Haley the next year for you because I thought that it had to be worn by someone very confident and fashion forward. (Editor’s Note: flattery will get you everywhere). Now I combine colours or materials that really seem to fit the people who are very close to me, and then I name them accordingly.

What are your top five style inspirations?
My mother, Francine
Every outfit Cher Horowitz wears in Clueless
The Virgin Suicides

text by Haley Mlotek
photos by Adam Goldhamer and Laura Hopf

7 thoughts on “Crushing on Scarffaces

  1. Great post about a great company! Knitting under the desk is surely the nerdiest thing anyone’s secretly done in class.

  2. I love these scarves!!!
    Such a beautiful idea!

    Plus what a cute kitty.

    The guy in the last photo looks like such a BIG DORK though!
    Mood killer. Edit out in future posts.

    Best of luck Scarffaces! I can’t wait to buy one.


  3. I just want to jump into that pile of scarves and have one magical scarf be around my neck by the time I leave the soft pile of awesomeness.

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