Crushing on Laia Garcia

interview by Anna Fitz

On her blog, Geometric Sleep, Laia takes an intelligent approach to fashion. Rather than focusing on outfit pictures (although she does occasionally take some), you can find her deconstructing runway shows or pursuing various creative projects like her zine, the Holy Child.

Where did the name for your blog come from?
I lived in a crappy mice-ridden apartment in Philadelphia my junior year of college. To make matters worse, I slept on a futon that was essentially on the floor so I was always paranoid that a mouse was going to get in bed with me. So one night it got to be too much and I ended up crashing on my roommate’s bed. I guess I was so worried that I wouldn’t hit her on the face, or accidentally spoon her or whatever, that I had these crazy dreams where I had to accommodate myself on the bed like a Tetris piece. INSANITY! When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I thought was, “man, I just had such geometric sleep!” I thought that was a really weird thing, so when I started the blog a few months later, that’s what I called it. I’m glad I didn’t overthink it and just went with it.

Who are your style icons?
I have women whose style I admire, but I don’t know that I would say they are icons (at least not yet). Visionaire editor Cecilia Dean always looks amazing, and even if she’s wearing a total runway “IT” piece, she always makes it her own. And, you know, the usuals like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lou Doillon, the Olsens (although lately it’s been mostly Mary-Kate, haha) and Vogue contributing editor Lauren Santo Domingo. I guess it’s really just women who wear whatever they want and shy away from wearing a head-to-toe “look”.

In an age where independent fashion publishing is dominated by style blogs, why did you feel it was important to make a print zine? Did you ever make zines before when you were younger? Were they always fashion related?
I love magazines. It’s really that simple. I studied graphic design in college and became totally obsessed with making/designing magazines after I took a publication design class junior year. I was feeling like an uncreative bum since I finished school and needed something to feel productive again so the zine was the next logical step. Funnily enough, although when I was little I was always “planning” on making zines, I never actually made them. I was always cutting up magazines and making collaged journals, though, which seems like kind of a zine-y thing to do. They weren’t solely fashion related, but it was definitely a prominent component.

How did you get involved with Pop Magazine and what exactly are you doing with them?
Pop contacted me a few months ago because they wanted me to blog on their website, which seemed totally crazy at the time, but I’m super psyched about doing it. And then in a separate (but I guess related?) incident, I got to go to London and meet up with Tavi, Elizabeth (White Lightning) and Eden (Large Prime Numbers) and work on a poster zine for their new issue. It was an incredibly amazing and super fun experience. I still can’t believe it really happened.

You’ve been blogging for a few years now (since 2006); how do you think your style or tastes have developed since you started?

I’d like to think that I’ve become a bit more sophisticated. Not in the sense that I only wear expensive clothes and eat caviar, haha, but I think my tastes are more defined and I feel more comfortable experimenting with different things that I may not have 3 years ago. I don’t know that this is a result of blogging as much as it is growing up probably.

Laia’s Top Ten Fashion Designers (in no particular order):

1. Olivier Theyskens : I have been enthralled by his work since his beginnings, pretty much. No one can bring such a spirit of romanticism with a dark side like he can. He is just on another level of being entirely.

2. Marc Jacobs: He just has IT, you know? He gets inspired and changes completely every season and it always feels relevant but long-lasting. His work for his namesake collection is definitely one of my favourites; I think he has the most European-ish sensibilities out of all the American designers, but he still keeps his work firmly grounded on American traditions.

3. Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez: They just always manage to make super cool stuff and even though they are young designers their clothes have a vibe of instant classics. I always find stuff I’d love to wear now and stuff I’d like to wear when I am a lady of a certain age. Something for everyone.

4. Hussein Chalayan: The man is just a genius, let’s face it. I wasn’t so keen on his fall collection, but usually everything just blows me away. He definitely has a very unique point of view in the industry.

5. Miuccia Prada: Miuccia is everything. She’s a major influence in the development of my aesthetic and I’ve been enthralled with her since I was like, 10 or 11, when I really started to get into fashion.

6. Raf Simons: I always love what he does at Jil Sander. It’s modern minimalism at its best with a sense of secret luxury (which is something I’m kind of obsessed with). And his use of colour is always right on point.

7. Tom Ford: He’s not designing anymore but I definitely have to include him because, along with Miuccia, he was a major influence when I was growing up. His clothes were always so DECADENT, all luxury and sex and mystery. I still hope that he’ll start doing a women’s line again.

8. Christopher Kane: He’s the newest designer on the list, but he’s just GOT IT. I particularly look forward to his shows every season because he always comes out with something new, crazy, and awesome.

9. Laura & Kate Mulleavy: Rodarte makes stuff out of dreams and fantasies. I wish I could even think to create things that are so beautiful.

10. Alber Elbaz : I don’t think anyone else does such SUPREMELY womanly clothes like he does.

9 thoughts on “Crushing on Laia Garcia

  1. Laia’s blog has blown me away from the moment I started reading it. Her eye for style, and her unique way of presenting her take on fashion definitely make her someone to watch.

  2. first: YAY Laia! Second: I loved the interview (always wanted to know where the blog title came from) also I pretty much kinda sorta agree with her top 10, everytime I see Alber Elbaz I want to hug him.

  3. laia, laia, laia! truly as charming online or in print as she in person. if anyone should be doing this IT’S HER. she just has the perfect combination of knowledge of the industry, taste, humor and creativity. LOVE HER.

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