Crushing on Josiane Perron

Designer Josiane Perron recently launched her eponymous label, and has now launched three collections of elegantly constructed vintage-like women’s garments, all made entirely in Montreal.

How and when did you get into making clothes?
At the age of ten, when I would amuse myself tracing Betty & Veronica comics, I decided to make a job of it. I was fascinated by Betty’s ability to make her own clothes and by the scope of Veronica’s closet.

What was your personal style like in high school?
I passed through a classic phase, a vintage phase, and a designer brands phase. In high school my personal style was marked by a transition from grunge style to skater, but there was always a touch of Britpop. My biggest influence at the time was music, especially Elliott Smith and Blur.

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?
My Second yoga jeans! The slightly tiedyed wash is superb, and they’re incredibly comfortable. It’s a real addiction, it’s impossible to wear other jeans once you’ve tried yoga jeans. The only thing that beats my yoga jeans is the pleasure and lightness of wearing a dress.

What are your biggest influences when you design?
The 20s and 60s remain by far my biggest influences, but it’s above all ambiances that give direction to creating each of my collections. These ambiances come from places, images, blogs or TV shows like True Blood, Six Feet Under, and Mad Men.

What inspired your last collection?
My spring-summer 2010 collection is inspired by hot summers and the 60s-70s. It has a bit of a folk, western allure in the white, grey, khaki, mustard and red tones. A bit of flowered print, fringe, recovered buttons and flounce give the collection a feeling of lightness.

Josiane’s Favourite Designers…
Orla Kiely
Marc Jacobs
Paul Smith

…plus a few of her favourite up and comers
Dace from Vancouver, for their simplicity and dreamy brand image. Their ambient video clips are unforgettable.
Betina Lou in Montreal, for her magnificent and feminine dresses inspired by yesterday’s muses.
Noir Bonbon from Vancouver, for the comfortable materials and a simplicity always underlined by fascinating details.

Interview by Emily Raine
Photos by Karine Perron

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