Crushing on Jacqueline Bos

Jacqueline Bos‘s illustrations are a mishmash of prints, doodles, colours, and inky patterns. The resulting images are eclectic, vibrant and totally one of a kind. A regular Worn contributor, Jacqueline illustrated the haikus in our most recent Shoe issue (which were mistakenly credited as being done by a different editor — our sincerest apologies, Jacqueline!). Interview by Anna Fitz.

Where did your interest in art begin?
I’ve been drawing and making things for as long as I can remember; I always liked having pens and sharp pencils around growing up.

What are your favourite things to draw?
Imaginary lands, myths or mini stories, patterns, and silly animals. I am really drawn to things that have a fairy tale quality to them, but I think you can bring a whimsical nature into many different situations.

Your fashion illustrations are quite unconventional — a collage of cut-out pictures and your own illustrations. Can you describe your creative process a bit? Do you tend to do the drawings first or work around the images you find?
Those were created extra special just for Worn — fun, huh? For those, since they are primarily collage, I started with all the textures, and pieced together a figure type form, and then went from there, though usually I let them build a bit more organically, switching back and forth between paper and ink. I love being able to pull textures and patterns to create the fashion illustrations, though when I work with a particular designer or line, I like to work primarily with drawing and just use collage to add a little drama to them.

If time and money weren’t a concern, what would be your ideal artistic project?
I think my dream project would be to collaborate with Erin Fetherston, the designer, to create textile patterns and crazy lookbooks. Her work is so reminiscent of fairy tales and has almost a dreamlike quality to it. I would just fly through the roof to get to merge my illustrations with her creations.

What’s your clothing style like? Do you feel this is reflected through your artwork?
I dress according to my mood. I love girly dresses when I dress up, but most of the time I’m a little more low key, simple. I always add either earrings or a necklace to spice it up. I think my clothing choices and illustrations kind of feed off of each other; I definitely go through phases with both.

Jacqueline’s favourite illustrators:

Martina Witte – She makes beautiful drawings that are so perfectly her. She is one of the first illustrators I ever saw work from, and she definitely had a role in why I became one.
Ralph Steadman – Because his work is just awesome, and he published a book as written by his cat.
Julia Pott – She is a young illustrator and animator from the UK. I had the great pleasure of meeting her this summer; she is such a nice person and her work is amazing, full of wit and beautifully drawn.
Carolyn Alexander – She makes the funniest snarky illustrations of people; they always make me giggle uncontrollably.
Daniel Egneus is just plain amazing. I love the dark quality of his illustrations, and their almost spooky character.

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