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My crush on Anabela started somewhere between reading her blog, fieldguided, following her twitter, and browsing her flickr. We share many friends and live blocks away from each other in the same city, but, until early in this new year, we’d never met. Fieldguided became a regular read (even inspiring the title for the zebra photoshoot from issue 11) and filled with lovely photography, soft, clean design, and a distinct taste that is clearly all her own.

What did you wear when you where in high school?
I went to a Catholic high school and so most of the time I wore my school uniform, which was navy blue with white and pale blue, with a pair of buckled Doc Martens that I actually hated at the time but wish I still had. I’ve blocked a lot of it out, but I remember trying to dress like the girls from the band Lush in later high school. I wore a lot of shiny, satin clothing in 1996. Oh dear.

What are your local fashion store crushes?
My favourite is Robber, on Queen West. I love the aesthetic; I love loose dresses, I love clothing that is feminine and unpretentious. I appreciate that most of the clothing is made locally to the brand. When I want to invest in something I know I will love for years, I go there (I have worn an APC Madras dress I bought there in 2009 approximately three thousand times — or so it feels). I love the shoe selection at Chasse Gardée. For vintage, I like Silver Falls and Penny Arcade and the 69 Vintage Collective.

What literary characters have interesting style?
I have been reading a lot about the Mitfords on blogs lately, and I think me and others are attracted to the idea of their disheveled aristocrat style. I’ll go with “the Hons” in The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford. Also, since I’m going through a weird VC Andrews obsession, I have to admit that her descriptions of makeup, perfume, hair, and clothing have stayed with me since I first read those books at the age of 12. I can’t pin-point an exact style (except, I guess, “filthy rich New England lady”) but I loved luxuriating in her descriptions of fabrics and textures and clothing details, as well as dressing rituals. It’s possible that I’m remembering it all wrong, though.

Did you make any fashion-related new year’s resolutions? If so, what are they?
I didn’t make any resolutions per se but I have resolved over the past few months to stop buying fast fashion. I have too many items of clothing in my closet that I have worn once or not at all. I find that as long as I stay out of those stores, I won’t be tempted, but I am always tempted once the season changes, particularly around spring or fall. I have also decided to try to hammer down what my specific aesthetic is over the next little while, and to stay faithful to it. It’s really just about making better choices, and being less wasteful. I also want to save up for a pair of clog boots. I have wanted them since 2008! It’s time. I love wooden heels.

As a huge cat fan, do you have any favourite cat fashions?

Leah Goren makes really amazing hand-printed clothing and bags with cat faces — the tee-shirt is on my wish list for sure! I also have a Paul & Joe Sister cat-face sweater that I got on clearance for about $10 a few years ago that is pretty special. The little knitted face is adorable.

Nothing beats the United Bamboo 2010 calendar for fashion for cats. If only I could get my calico, Pony, into that peach blouse and black skirt!

- Serah-Marie

7 thoughts on “Crushing on Fieldguided

  1. I’m right there with her in terms of trying to identify my own aesthetic and organize my purchases around that. in fact i have just spent the last week thinking, “what would i pick as my top three “uniforms” for every day life if i had to?”. if i can figure it out, then i’m certain i’ll be able to dress even more comfortably while keeping things interesting with colours and fabrics but in a similar style throughout.

    Anabela stands out from the crowd for sure and I’m so glad I discovered her blog and shop through Yarn Over Movement’s blog. All wonderful, keep-it-real in an interesting way kinda gals.

    Nice interview!

  2. Lovely interview with Anabela! I completely agree with her outlook on clothing…fast fashion is wasteful (and best left to teenagers) and hammering down a style are great starting points. I get tempted to go into chain stores but I’ve been way more satisfied with my purchases from favourite boutique shops Robber and RAC – buying from independent retailers – rather than the big behemoths.

    I also love Camille’s idea of picking the top three. I think that ultimately helps to weed out the bad choices.

    Anyway, yay Anabela! I’ve watched your style really come into its own since I first started following Fieldguided and it’s such a pretty palette of colour and texture. Always a pleasure!

  3. I too have been avoiding ‘fast fashion esq’ stores lately, not something that sprung out of a conscious choice, but the slow realization that I appreciated wearing things that were unique to me and had a history to them, I guess I also had started to notice that the ‘fast fashion’ items I had in my wardrobe were often thrown in donation bags at the end of each season, which really began to irk me.
    Also, cat fashion is a topic that needs to be explored. now.

  4. always a daily read, & Anabela has always been really supportive of my own independent handmade shop & that of others too! i love what she has to say on style too. i’m thrilled to see her spotlighted here.

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