Crushing on Caitlin Shearer

Caitlin Shearer is a 19-year-old artist from Australia who specialises in painting girls in dresses, both of which are whimsical, feminine and just slightly offbeat.

What is the Bleeding Knees Club, and how did it start?
The Bleeding Knees Club is my imaginary Peter Pan gang; Never Never Land for young ladies.
It started when I accidentally let some red paint leak across a painting of legs, maybe about four years ago. It looked like bleeding knees and I since haven’t been able to let that imagery go.

You recently did a collaboration with Hopeless Lingerie. How was that experience? Do you plan on doing any more designing in the future?
I love Hopeless Lingerie and the designs that Gabrielle Adamidis comes up with. She is truly talented! It was amazing to work with her to illustrate for Initially, I had just e-mailed her to say how much I adored her work, and a really fantastic collaboration blossomed from that. Fashion illustration is something I would really like to get into as a career. Designing clothes is something I am looking at too.

What do you think about the correlation between your clothing and your art? Does your style reflect your artwork, and vice versa?
I tend to dress my drawings in a way that I would like to dress myself. Living vicariously through paper dolls! Lots of stockings, peter pan collars, voluminous dresses. I dont wear bows like they do, but I do have lots of little black patent shoes. I think my style and my artwork mish-mash together.

How do you decide what the girls in your drawings will wear?
I usually just choose an imaginary dream dress that I am coveting in my head.

What kind of clothes did you wear as a kid?

As a small child I had some sweet sailor style dresses and gingham peter pan collar dresses. I’ve reverted back to that style now, and I’m almost 20. I went through phases of never wanting to wear pants, or never liking dresses, and I was completely adamant in that.
As a young teen, I wore skirts that my mum sewed for me from vintage tablecloths, and there was a stage when I was really into Emily Strange t-shirts.

Caitlin’s Top Ten Fashion Illustrators:
Charles Anastase
Enoch Bolles
Coby Whitmore
Al Parker
David Downton
Alberto Vargas
Laura Laine
Zoe Mozert
Edwin Georgi
Fontaine Anderson

6 thoughts on “Crushing on Caitlin Shearer

  1. Great interview! I loved her answer to the clothing influencing art & vice versa question, as well as her overall aesthetic. Very dreamy illustrations… love!

  2. So inspirational! I especially liked the Peter Pan imagery. To think she’s done so much at such a young age….can’t wait to see what she does next!!

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