Couture with Children

Last week WORN had the pleasure of setting up shop at The Nook, a local neighbourhood centre, for a Fashion Show and Earth Day cleanup. The models, all members of The Nook’s Children’s Program, strutted down the eight-foot runway with such fierceness that they gave Naomi Campbell a run for her money — minus the tantrums. In addition to being the best models under five feet the Greater Toronto Area has ever seen, the runway looks were also made by The Nook kids themselves out of recycled and earth-friendly materials: a dress made entirely out of paper that would put any Project Runway challenge to shame. There was also a table of goodies made by The Nook kids, including fabric headbands and feather earrings that left me scrambling for my change purse.

- Casie Brown

4 thoughts on “Couture with Children

  1. Oh no no no. This is much too cute. My heart is going to explode because I can’t handle all the cute. The two girls in green tank tops doing a little sassy arm raise?!?! AHHHHH ALL THE CUTE NEURONS IN MY BRAIN ARE SHORT-CIRCUITING.

  2. So adorable! In my book, they are reminding me of just how cool matching outfits really are. Who wants to be my clothes-twin?

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