Contributor Corner: Meaghan Kelly

Similar to each print edition of WORN, our blog requires the hard work of several dedicated worker bees. I was going to say ladies, but maybe that’s a bit too old fashioned, perhaps even a little sexist and really, posts written with some testosterone backing them would be just as appreciated — but I digress. What I wanted to share with you, in what will soon be a regular installment on this here blog, is a brief but interesting look at some of our contributing writers.

I’m excited to get the ball rolling on this little project, and I couldn’t be happier to kick start things by introducing Meaghan Kelly. She keeps her own blog called Left Hand Endeavour, which I may or may not follow religiously. Though her first name involves the most complicated spelling of Megan/Meghan/Meagan/Meaghan I’ve ever come across, she’s endearing as all get out so I let it slide. Meaghan, meet our WORN readers, WORN readers, meet Meaghan.

1. How did you dress in high school?
I don’t know if I could pin point my style because it changed every month or so, but the two I remember the most distinctly were my grungy-ripped-jeans-army-bags-and-granny-sweaters-from-Value-Village phase, and my Lorena McKennitt inspired Wiccan phase (which involved lots of black-flowy-sleeves and dark purples). I think I would have given my left foot to own a pair of Doc Martens at the time, but my Dad thought they were for neo-Nazis and refused to let me own a pair, and my babysitting money just didn’t allow for me to buy them for myself….I was never all that girly, which is strange since I literally cringe at the idea of wearing pants nowadays…

2. Who would you rather be trapped in an elevator with – Karl Lagerfeld, Tyra Banks, or Lady Gaga?
I think probably Tyra Banks? So I could see her get those crazy eyes in person! And provoke her with controversial topics until she has a stroke!

3. If you could dress like your favorite food what would it be?
Mmmm. I think I’d dress up like the spread at a Southern picnic….including (though not limited to) potato salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob, strawberries and of course there’d be some mandatory gingham print in there! Not sure how that outfit would go…but it sounds delicious!

4. Last fashion related book or article you read. Was it good or bad?
I actually just got done with Issue 9 of WORN and loved every second of it. The Nancy Drew editorial was by far my favorite part. I also just got finished with the Great Gatsby for about the hundredth time and while it isn’t really a fashion related book, it’s always sort of been one of my main sources of literary fashion inspiration.

5. What fashion blog do you think is underrated?
Hands down the Advanced style street-style blog. All those fashionable older ladies and gents make me nuts. I just can’t wait to have earned my wings and feel justified in my insanity! Purplish-Grayish hair here I come.

6. What fictional character has the best style?
Like everything else, my answer to this question will change in about an hour, but as I’m writing this I’m thinking Rosemary Woodhouse. I want to buy myself a sewing machine and make holiday versions of each of her dresses and then find lots and lots of Christmas parties to attend so I can debut each and every one of them publically.

7. What do you think about the relationship between fashion and conspicuous consumption?
I think just about everything is related to conspicuous consumption. But I sort of feel like the most fashionable people I know manage to create their own looks, either by thrifting their clothes or by making it themselves. Conspicuous consumption is the easy way to be fashionable, like if you have no idea how to dress yourself, then there are always people out there who will put it all together for you if you’re willing to pay for it. But people who are really, honestly fashionable know how to make their visions happen without turning to consumerism.

8. What movie’s costumes/clothes were better than their plot?
I’m gonna have to go with Atonement. I think every time Kiera Knightley puts out one of her signature period pieces I like the wardrobe better than the movie. The Edge of Love and Pride and Prejudice had the same effect, but really Atonement was awful.

9. What are your thoughts about this quote? “On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson
On matters of style I tend to swim a little more with the past, so while I agree whole heartedly with the second half, I’m definitely someone who looks back as far as personal style is concerned.

10. Finish this sentence: There are two kinds of people in this world….
There are people who sit at the Grown-up table at Christmas, and people who sit at the Kids table. I am definitely of the Kids table variety. Me and my sister and our boyfriends like to be really anti-social and make inside jokes and spike our eggnog in the corner while everyone else talks about grown-up adult things.

5 thoughts on “Contributor Corner: Meaghan Kelly

  1. The Advanced Style blog makes me really happy. It’s things like that that make me look forward to being a full-fledged senior citizen. Also, I’m totally a kids table person, too.

  2. Great interview! I’d never heard of advanced style before, fantastic! I will definitely be spending some time on that site that this evening. And I am also very much of the kids table persuasion!!

  3. Great interview! I like the different style of thought provoking questions, and your answers show a very personal style as opposed to someone who likes to say what they think people want to hear.

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