CONTEST! Win an ad spot in issue 10!

If you’re an online retailer with style for sale (including clothing and accessories, cosmetics, and books and magazines about or related to fashion),YOUR Picture is Worth a THOUSAND ADS…
(More, if you’re feeling literal.)

Get your camera, your markers, your mirror, your neighbour, your mom – whatever you need – and get ready to give a shout out.

This is your chance to win a spot in WORN Fashion Journal’s issue 10:
Just recreate the cover of WORN issue 9.

Your ad will appear in print in our own Maynard Street Market, putting it into the hands of readers in Canada and the US, the UK, Europe, Japan, and Australia just in time for a little spring shopping.

Your options are wide open: reinterpret the image any way you like, and with whomever (or whatever) you like. Just make sure your entry (and your ad design) hits our inbox by midnight on Sunday March 28th.

1) Contest submissions must be digitally submitted in print quality size (minimum 1000 pixels wide).

2) By submitting entries/images, contestants consent to give WORN Fashion Journal permission to reproduce said images on the WORN website, in print, or for promotional purposes.

3) All entries will be judged and a winner chosen by WORN staff. The winner will be notified by email.

4) Contest deadline is midnight, Sunday March 28th, 2010


6) Winner must submit their ad design within 5 days of notification. Winning ad will be printed in full colour in the WORN issue 10 Maynard Street Market ad pages.

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