Contest! *cough* The September Issue! *cough*

In grade six, after winning the highly prestigious role of Prancer in the school’s Christmas play, I was convinced of my intimate relationship with luck. I can’t say that wearing festive antlers and a shapeless taupe onesie was the pinnacle of my fashion career, but it was certainly a moment of elementary school glory.

For your sake, oh devoted (Montreal) readers, I hope you have some of that same Prancer luck in you, because it’s time for a contest. For reasons I can’t begin to unders
tand, the long-awaited movie The September Issue is finally coming out in Canada — in October. Yes, the strange month discrepancy annoys me, but the chance to win free tickets does not. In fact, anything free is a friend of mine.
So let’s cut to the chase and dole these hot tamales out to the most deserving ladies and gents. Up for grabs are 10 run-of-engagement passes, valid at all times in Quebec theatres where the movie is playing. The September Issue hits theatres October 23rd. The rules are simple: In the comments write a single sentence starring Ms. Wintour herself, and please, fictional is obviously better. Don’t really know what I’m talking about because it’s late and my brain is casually chugging along in energy saver mode? Here’s an example of something I’m looking for:

Laughing gingerly at the flashing TV screen, Anna fished for another handful of popcorn before speaking to the empty room, “The Hills is really heating up this season!”

We will judge our favourites based on personal biases, comedic value, creativity, and proximity to our hearts. And remember, only enter if you live in Quebec. And now, may the fallacies begin! Deadline is September 20th!

P.S. folks — Here are the links to the official sites (The September Issue+ Les Films Seville)

- Carmen Vicente

8 thoughts on “Contest! *cough* The September Issue! *cough*

  1. “Perhaps,” pondered Anna as she inspected her carefully selected ensemble in the mirror, “that my leather short shorts and and ‘I’m with stupid’ tee are a tad too avant garde for a lunch meeting with Andre; I knew I should have stuck with the Prada.”

  2. I wish this contest were for people in Toronto! Although, I’ve heard rumors – which I haven’t yet had a chance to confirm – that The September Issue isn’t coming to Toronto. I’m doing an assignment about Anna for one of my classes, and the trailer is definitely making an appearance in my 8-minute presentation. I want to see the whole movie so badly! The trailer isn’t enough!

  3. Emitting a deep and guttural guffaw, a chunk of half chewed avocado escaped Anna’s immaculately lined mouth and landed with a splat on the face of model #4 in the mock-up of September’s post-war-era inspired shoot.

  4. I’ve seen a bit of the movie and it actually seems to champion Grace Coddington as the silent hero of Vogue.

    I can relate to Grace more than Anna, with her giant head of red hair and love affair for cats…

    Love her.

    I can’t say much about Anna Wintour, but I can say I would love free passes to see more of Grace in action :)

  5. Enjoying a nice walk, Anna daintily glided down the sidewalk until she was suddenly stopped by a beastly man who gave her a cartilage snapping punch to the face.

  6. Proudly, Anna stood tall, facing her peers, an expression of triumph and accomplishment upon her face; she knew that if she kept her mind to it, she could win the beer pong tournament.

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