Come to WORN’s Mending Night

Warmer weather means its time to take the lighter clothes out of storage, but nothing takes the sunshine out of a summer day worse than finding a tear or missing button on your favourite sundress. Luckily, WORN’s got you covered. Bring your damaged goods to WORN Fashion Journal’s monthly mending night at Freedom Clothing Collective. We’ve got the Torontoist and National Post talking: come for the stitching, stay for the tea and conversation. Your wardrobe will thank you.

WORN’s Thursday Night, Your Stockings Needed Mending
August 4th (and the first Thursday of every month), 6-9:00m
Freedom Clothing Collective, 939 Bloor Street West
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Photos by Nancy Paiva of the Torontoist

7 thoughts on “Come to WORN’s Mending Night

  1. Love the concept of getting together to mend and style. For someone like me, who doesn’t sew, it would be great company and very helpful. Like this blog very much. Am signing up for newsletter, too. Am going to be in Toronto for Fashion Week and would like to meet you and blog about your blog and Worn’s Thursday Night events.

  2. Hi Becky – I just checked, and yes we will have one sewing machine and one iron. If the night is growing, I’d like to add at least one other machine. We’ll also have some simple stuff like various threads, buttons, fabric scraps for hand work. I hoping to have mini workshops for things like darning socks or patching jean butts in the future, but it’s just the first one so we’re looking to see how it goes.

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