Come to our Suds N’ Social – Tonight!

Is your dirty laundry piling up out of control?

We’re referring to your clothes, not your shameful personal secrets, but feel free to bring both out to WORN Fashion Journal’s Suds ‘n Social (Thursday, August 25 at the Harbord Coin Wash). That’s right, we’re having a lathering gathering and you’re invited!

We’ll be providing the detergent, so you can leave that bulky box behind and concentrate on carrying your clothes. Free suds is only one reason for you to come out, though. If you really don’t want to air your dirty linen in public, stop by anyway to hang out with the Wornettes, enjoy light refreshments, and do the washboard (okay, so that’s not a real dance move yet, but we can set another precedent while we’re at it) to the fresh tunes of our very own DJ.

Join us in celebrating the big debut of our original Laundry Quandary magnets, featuring laundry care symbols that will finally decipher those cryptic labels on your clothes. This will also be your chance to peruse rare WORN-wares, including our very hard to find back issues of WORN Fashion Journal!

Free suds, good buds, fresh tunes, and refreshments. Laundry night will never be the same!

6 thoughts on “Come to our Suds N’ Social – Tonight!

  1. That’s some seriously old school stuff, Daniel! I hope this is a hint that there’ll be an after party at your place and that it’ll be a foam party.

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