Valentina, Signing Off…

Chronicles of a Lady Wornette

Salutations, lovely readers of Worn, I’m Valentina. I’m also known as Lady V, Lady Ventino, or as I have newly dubbed myself, Lady Wornette. I was the babe of the Wornette intern troop this summer. Here at WORN they want to get some younger blood involved so I was the inaugural guinea pig for what a summer internship would be. I’m 17 and about to go into my last year of high school back in Hamilton. This summer I came in for a total of 8 days spread over two weeks, lending a hand around The House of WORN. I packaged and shipped magazines, shadowed meetings, came up with and contacted future crushes, and basically wandered around the world of WORN. I go to Westdale Secondary back in Hamilton, I’m a French fry* who has high ambitions and likes to travel a lot. The new internship that I eagerly tested out is aimed at high school kids who don’t have the time to do a full internship. I’m completely smitten and I’m hoping that there won’t be any obstacles stopping me from coming back in to full Wornette duty next summer when I might be going to university in Toronto. I’m going to study journalism and hopefully do an exchange in a fanciful French-speaking country. I’m also interested in pursuing a master’s and living for a year or two in Japan teaching English.

Things I dislike the most are inconsistent bigotry and dirty nails.

1. Dropsnap This street style blog is excellent sartorial sustenance for anyone who’s as keen on Japan as I am, or anyone else who’s interested in quirky people with good taste.

2. Frou Frouu This blog is run by a gal named Nadia. I like her choices in clothing and her well shot outfit pictures.

3. Daddy Likey Winona, like WORN, is fond of fashion haikus and is in fact quite hilarious.

4. French Ghosts This girl is the ray of hope that Hamilton isn’t completely devoid of creative people with a sense of style.

5. The Stylish Underground A nice photo collection of stylish people from countless times, professions, and places.

*code word for a kid in French immersion

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