Christmas Sweaters by Smart Design Mart

There is no shortage of crafty love here at WORN, hence our current crush on Montreal’s Smart Design Mart team. Made up of a bunch of close friends all running their own creative businesses making diverse items like moustache clocks, fringe necklaces, UFO snakes and ladders, leather books that look like wood, and dead rabbit rings, they come together a few times a year to present their very own curated independent art and design show: Smart Design Mart. Vastly different from other Montreal shows, Smart Design Mart allows contributors enough space to build their own tightly curated mini boutiques that focus on high quality, original work. The show will also include a live art instillation, a full bar, and great music for those not in the shopping mood. In the holiday spirit, the five have been gracious enough to each design a fantastical Christmas sweater reflecting their style, from gothic and minimal to lovably tacky.


“Marc and I got together to create a non-traditional take on the Christmas sweater. Traditional motifs used in unconventional ways…”



“I am afraid I didn’t draw it, nor make it. I figured what was the point trying to make a sketch when the creator of this magical beauty has captured everything I could ever dream of in a sweater?”



“It’s the ‘fallen angel’ sweater, made from black vicuna wool. Vicuna is most luxurious, softest and most expensive fiber (cashmere who?) because you can only shear the animal once every three years. The sweater has a high turtleneck cowl front for the illusion of being demure while the back of the sweater is open. Wide ribbing at the cuffs and waist, and lace batwing sleeves. The lace has been handmade by the nimble little fingers of tiny little children.”



“This sweater is perfect for the little monster on your holiday list!”

Smart Design Mart’s annual Christmas show will be taking place December 3-5th at 160 Rue St-Viateur Est, 2nd floor in Montreal. Make sure to come by and say hello to the Wornettes at our very own mini boutique in the midst of your shopping adventures!

- Alyssa Garrison

2 thoughts on “Christmas Sweaters by Smart Design Mart

  1. These are pretty amazing. I want one to wear to my aunts Christmas dinner. I could totally show up my Aunt Marilyn who always has the most ridiculous Holiday themed attire!

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