Cherry Blossom Girls

So I must confess that I don’t explore my own neighborhood nearly enough. Although High Park is only a mere 10 or so blocks away, the first time I’d ever been is when we shot the Nancy Drew editorial for Issue 9. If it hadn’t been for Anabela of Fieldguided (a blog I love whose author I’ve never met, despite a recent discovery that we live a within walking distance from each other), I would have probably missed the annual spectacle that is the cherry blossom tree blooming. Avyn Wornette was in the office when I made the discovery and we hatched a plot to throw together a last minute photoshoot for fun. Of course, when our planned day arrived I got buried under work and couldn’t leave the office, but I sent Avyn and her friend Adelle out with the WORN camera – and a bunch of clothing Avyn made – to frolic in the fields for what looked like a lovely afternoon. One of these days I’ll make it out of here!

hearts, Serah-Marie

- photography, clothing design and styling by Avyn Omel

6 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Girls

  1. Having lived here essentially my whole life, I only learned about the High Park cherry blossoms this year as well. My parents went for a walk and sternly suggested that they take me back later. I was bowled over by the beauty and wished my camera had been charged!

  2. Avyn, these photos are stunning – it’s hard to pick just one favourite. All of the clothing are beautiful! I’m so glad to see some of your designs.

    I haven’t been to High Park in bloom-time, but next year I hope to witness it.

  3. High Park was my favourite childhood hangout of all time. Even when we moved to the suburbs it was my favourite stop on trips back to the city. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous and makes me want to go back there asap. :)

  4. How come I missed this post?
    Avyn – wow. I love your designs! The photoshoot is so nice! Your friend is super cute!
    I wish I even knew about this whole blooming deal. Oh, well. Next year.

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