Chelsea Wornette

Chelsea Wornette here: I’m the new Events Intern at Worn who will ensure that your experience at our parties is a great one.
For the last few years since I graduated high school in Calgary, I’ve been in and out of colleges searching for my passion. After classes in Theatre, Creative Writing and Journalism, I have finally found my passion at Humber College for their Fashion Arts program and in the offices of Worn. I love Toronto and since I’ve moved here have worked in numerous photo shoots, volunteered to dress models at the Bridal Expo and LG Fashion Week, and helped coordinate events at the Blue Jays games, Meagan’s Walk Charity Gala and CBC’s Royal Canadian Air Farce.

I don’t watch a lot of TV but I love the Turner Classic Movie (TCM) channel. I get tips from Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Doris Day and Elizabeth Taylor. I’m still searching for the man of my dreams: Cary Grant.

current inspirations…

Tim Walker
Recently added to my list of my favorite photographers.

Art Gallery of Ontario
Nothing more fashion inspiring than our history (and art of course).

Christophe Collette
Great photographs and cinematography.

Bill Cunningham
His voice and his almost comical look at fashion.

Kaleidoscope Eyes
Wanderlust and cosmic dust…for the hippie in me?

6 thoughts on “Chelsea Wornette

  1. Hey Chelsea!

    a) I love the dress in your photo! Ak! (needed to be said!:D)
    b) Bill Cunningham’s online videos? YESyes. And I agree, I love his undercover-chuckling approach.
    c) Kaleidescope eyes..ever since you posted it on the tumblr, I have been enjoying the photos – so merci for pointing it out!

  2. Agreed with Esme on the dress – but it must be said that Chelsea’s got all kinds of great dresses.
    Your Cary Grant comment made me think of an old story I head:
    The first time Marlene Dietrich met John Wayne, she was with a film director who was hoping to cast them in a movie together. She’d never seen Wayne before and, as she and the director walked into the restaurant she spotted a young, very handsome man leaning up against the bar. She grabbed the directors arm, leaned in and said,

    “Daddy, buy me THAT.”

    Of course, it was John Wayne.

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