Check Out How Awesome People Think We Are

Issue 13 has been popping up around the internet since its release last November (have you read it yet?).  Here’s a little collection of some love we’ve gotten lately:

We celebrated the launch of Issue 13 with a Black Cat Ball (best party ever!) and on the morning of, our latest issue found its way (courtesy of yours truly) onto the Toronto Standard, sitting pretty amongst these other feline-inspired objects.

And here, we’ve been reviewed on some of our favourite blogs: Qqueen of Hearts, Fashion is My Muse, Haute on Heartland, Little Expressionless Animals.

These pretty girls carry WORN in their bags: Anabela of Fieldguided (which is perfect, actually, because Anabela’s Thunder tote is the unofficial bag of the Wornettes), and beautiful Bernadette of Decade. We’re obsessed with her dreamy illustrations, which you can see more of here.

Our friends at She Does The City included us in their round-up of awesome publications for teens. Plus, they compare us to Sassy and Jane, which we’re pretty okay with.

Last but not least, our Editor-in-Pants, Serah-Marie, tells you what book she recommends over on the CBC and who she’s got a girl-crush on right over here.

P.S. We love seeing your posts about WORN—we’re kind of narcissistic that way. If you’ve included us anywhere, feel free to email to

text and photography by Katie Merchant

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