Charlotte Wornette

Our new editorial intern is really into Cosby sweaters, tacos, and very bright lipstick

Basic Facts: I currently make coffee for a living, which, all things considered, is a pretty lovely occupation. I spent five years in Halifax, mostly in school, and have only recently moved back to Ontario. I miss Frenchy’s and being close to the ocean. Otherwise, I like Toronto just fine.

I wore a uniform all through high school, so I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to personal style. I found Value Village at 18, and it was a revelation (so many Cosby sweaters!). I tend to be that person who buys an item because I can’t tell if it’s really ugly or really awesome. Usually it’s both.

I’m really into: Masonic symbols, those sneakers that are secretly platforms, everything Alicia Silverstone wears in Clueless, Solange Knowles’s new single, very bright lipstick, tacos.

Confession: I don’t ride a bike (I know, but I like walking!), I hate pickles and, despite being a veggie, I think (vintage) fur is alright.

Want to hang out?

Current Inspirations

Miss Moss
I’m not going to lie—every second pin on my Pinterest comes directly from Miss Moss. This South African blogger nails it when it comes to fashion photography, dream purses, and three-tone colour palettes. She rocks peach like no other.

Honestly… WTF DIY
I love me a crafternoon and I’m never short of inspiration thanks to the DIY section at Honestly… WTF. Here lie the secrets to recreating Dolce & Gabbana floral tiaras, Miu Miu bejewled heels, and dozens more gems from both on and off the runway.

Ann Freidman’s Pie Charts on The Hairpin
These blog entries are like the latest episode of Girls: hilarious, mildly embarrassing, and way too close to real life.

Gems (formerly Where the Lovely Things Are)
Uniquely combining independent designers, kitsch accessories, and children’s literature, Gems adds a touch of whimsy to my time on the Internet.

Closet Visit
Who are these women? What do they do for a living? Can I be best friends with all of them?

photography // Zoe Vos

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