The Biggest Little Fashion Party in Town

WORN's Black Cat Ball is NOW's Best Annual Fashion Event


At WORN, we don’t ascribe too much importance to “best-of” lists, particularly when it comes to fashion. “Best” and “worst” are totally arbitrary and subjective concepts that should not be given too much weight lest they become our main motivation for doing anything at all.

Unless we’re the ones who are awarded best at something, in which case: HAHAHAHAHA! WE WON, WE WON! EVERYONE OUT OF THE WAY.

That’s my extremely indelicate way of announcing that our launch parties have been selected as NOW’s Best Annual Fashion or Design Event for 2013. In their words:

Worn Fashion Journal is a smart fashion mag in a sea of vapid advertiser-​controlled glossies. (The majority of Worn’s revenue comes from its readership.) The magazine launches its much-anticipated biannual issues in style with themed parties like Secondhand Prom and Black Cat Ball. Tasty treats, drinks, clever convos and lots of dancing ensue. No one’s too cool to dress up, and even the most skeptical style snob leaves an enthusiastic Wornette.

Lucky for you, tickets are still available for Toronto’s best annual fashion event. When purchased before November 22, 2013 online or at Type Books they are only $10; it’s $15 at the door. All tickets include a copy of Issue 17, which is the best deal at the best party for the best magazine. Best best best.

For more details, visit our Facebook event here.

Cue Makeover Montage: A New Look For WORN

Today is a big day for WORN—a brand new website and the launch of our Indiegogo campaign. Our new website is a storefront with one primary purpose: to give our readers better access to current and back issues of WORN. We wanted to make the process simpler, easier, and better for our online customers, and with the help of the wildly talented team at Lateral Strategists, we think we’ve done just that.

Our blog can be found at and will continue to feature the same amazing content our readers know and love, but with a few extra perks—the opportunity to share the posts you like on Facebook and Twitter, suggestions for related blog posts, and a clean, streamlined appearance for easier reading.

The Indiegogo campaign launched this morning and will fund another beautification process: we want to redesign our print edition, and we’re asking our beloved readers for help. WORN is currently a publication that is, quite literally, held together by staples. We want the appearance of WORN to reflect the content. As our mandate states, our content must always be timeless, relevant, and useful to our readers—now, we want the outside of WORN to be as durable as the information found inside.

WORN began as a hobby, an experiment, a project amongst friends. When Serah-Marie started WORN, she knew that she was creating something that was missing from the magazine industry, but we could never have predicted just how much people wanted something like WORN. We are consistently humbled by the support we get from readers and contributors all over the world. Now we feel like it’s time to put our well-heeled feet down and say that we know we’ve made a product our readers will keep on their shelves forever.

The Indiegogo campaign allows donors to contribute whatever amount they want (no amount is too small!), but essentially, you’ll be able to pre-order Issue 15 of WORN. This injection of funds will allow us to cover the costs of printing and shipping the issues upfront. There are lots of other great perks on top of Issue 15—handmade friendship bracelets, monthly Wornette pen pals, and even a puppet made to look like you by Sara Guindon, just to name a few. You can read all about the campaign on our Indiegogo page here.

There are a lot of changes happening at WORN, but in a way, we don’t feel like we’re changing much at all—if anything, we’re just getting closer to what our dream version of WORN looks like. We can’t wait to hear what you think! Please direct any and all of your questions, comments, or suggestions to