Announcing The WORN Archive

We’ve got some extremely exciting news to share with all Wornettes. News of the “akasdhfiasdnfkd” variety. We’re publishing a book! The WORN Archive: A Fashion Journal About The Art, Ideas, And History Of What We Wear will be released by Drawn & Quarterly in May 2014.

The WORN Archive is 500 pages of complete and total awesomeness. You’ll see some of our favourite articles and editorials from Issues One through Fourteen, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes materials showing the evolution of WORN.

Each chapter of the book will present a key part of the WORN mandate: namely, that clothes matter. Over the last eight years, writers, artists, stylists, photographers, and graphic designers have come together to produce a magazine proving that fashion is art, fashion is history, fashion is identity, and more. The WORN Archive will be a must-read for people who love to read, people who love fashion, and above all, Wornettes.

For complete details, visit the Drawn & Quarterly website.

Tying Up Loose Threads

Every other week, read WORN on The Toast


FACT: Toasted bread is part of a nutritious breakfast. SECOND FACT: A toast is a speech you give at a celebration. THIRD FACT: The Toast is also a hilarious and smart website, run by two beautiful geniuses named Nicole Cliffe and Mallory Ortberg. FINAL, MOST IMPORTANT FACT: Every other Wednesday, you can read a healthy, celebratory column by Haley and Anna Wornette on The Toast!

Loose Threads has, so far, tackled the lessons learned by reviled and beloved pop cultural monuments like Fight Club and Sex and the City. Anna and Haley talked about the power of fashion in museums and the significance of Wendy Davis’s sneakers. Anna pulled the Vogue-iest parts of Vogue that ever did Vogue, while Haley provided some of her meanest beauty school dropout knowledge.

What’s next for Loose Threads, you ask? Let’s just say we’ve got a little something up our sleeve… *frantically searches sleeves for story ideas*

Wornettes can read Loose Threads every other Wednesday here.

WORN Fashion Journal Presents: Dressed as in a Painting Launch

Join us at Type Books for an evening of fashion book fun

In Dressed as in a Painting: Women and British Aestheticism in an Age of Reform, author Kimberly Wahl provides a lucid exploration of the interrelations between fashion, art, and aestheticism during the latter half of the nineteenth century.

On Friday, October 11, join Kimberly Wahl, WORN Fashion Journal, and Type Books for refreshments and conversation as we celebrate the release of Dressed as in a Painting. Wahl’s book is the first to focus exclusively on aesthetic dress and its various expressions in the visual cultures of Victorian Britain and will be a necessary addition for fashion libraries, fashion historians, and fashion lovers everywhere.


WORN Fashion Journal Presents: Dressed As in A Painting Launch at Type Books

Friday, October 11, 2013

7 p.m. – 9 p.m.


Type Books

883 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON

M6J 1G3