Très Click: Snozzberries and Zou Bisou Bisou

Field Notes on Fashion and Occupy (Part One)
Who says the fashion police don’t exist? (I’m sorry, I had to.) During the Occupy movement, protesters were targeted for what they wore. In moments of clash, clothing becomes political and as The New Inquiry puts it, “Fashion is endowed with the potential to inform a political reality.”

Podcast: Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant on CBC Radio’s Q
Hanging corpses and Zou Bisou Bisou may have been the highlights of season five but seriously, can we talk about Trudy’s nightgowns and Sally’s gogo boots? Janie Bryant sits with radio host Jian Ghomeshi to talk Mad Men’s character style evolution. Heads up, those pretending to be hard at work—the link takes you directly to the podcast. Fast forward to 39:40.

Swimwear as a Fashion Over the Decades
Hey! You look kind of cute, in that polka dot bikini, girl. And in that one-piece. And that bathing gown. In any kind of swimwear really.

What Fashion’s “Ethnic” Prints Are Really Called
Ever come across an intriguing print you wanted to know more about, only to see it frustratingly labelled as “tribal”? Stop sweating. Refinery 29 breaks it down for you in this smart glossary.

Part of this world, part of another
Gene Wilder’s got more taste than a snozzberry. Letters of Note unearthed his correspondence to director Mel Stuart in which he recommends specific sartorial ideas for Willy Wonka’s wardrobe, from the hat “two inches shorter would make it more special” to the pants “slime green trousers are icky.”

Tres Click: Pride Edition

JJ Levine’s Switch Project
Montreal based genderqueer artist JJ Levine’s Switch photos depict couples in different-gender dress, awkwardly posing as if at a spring formal. In these diptychs, partners change outfits, and each person gets a chance to dress as “girl” and “boy,” despite their gender identity.

David M. Halperin, “Style and the Meaning of Gay Culture”
Halperin’s recent article discusses the significance of “style” to gay male culture: “To inquire into melodrama, camp, irony, drag, bodybuilding or Art Deco as “gay” styles is to seek the content of gay culture in its practices — to describe the intervention gay culture makes in the world as it is given. Everything depends on the all-important and elusive meaning of style.”

Becoming Judy: Jonathon’s Story
Pride Toronto helped produce these short videos in which a few LGBTQ folks tell their own unique stories. Drag queen Judy Virago talks about dressing up and being queer.

Queers and Steers: Night of 1000 Dollys
This long running, country western cult party on Thursday June 28th at the Gladstone Hotel pays tribute to “country’s greatest drag queen;” Dolly Parton. Don your gaudy blonde wig, chaps, and glittering cowboy boots while you enjoy watching performers like Keith Cole, Lex Vaughn, and The Tennessee Mountain Homo Choir.

Text by Jenna Danchuk
Image by Brianne Burnell

Très Click: Stripes and Star Wars Edition

Stylikeu: Ilona Royce Smithkin’s Closet
You probably already know all about Stylelikeu and their amazing voyeuristic peeks into the closets of various stylish personalities. This interview with artist Ilona Royce Smithkin came out last year, but I’ve recently revisited it for some colourful spring inspiration.

U.S. Lawmaker Wears Hoodie on House Floor in Protest over Shooting
Following the spirit of last week’s Million Hoodie March (showing solidarity with Trayvon Martin, the African American teenager who was unjustly murdered), Bobby Rush wore a hoodie in the House of Representatives to protest racial profiling. While using clothing as a means of protesting oppression isn’t new, these recent demonstrations have been especially powerful—particularly when contrasted with some pretty gross victim blaming that’s taken place.

Do This Don’t: Be A Fatty in Horizontal Stripes
Over at Xo Jane, the kickass Lesley Kinzel gives a middle finger to style rules that build themselves around fat-shaming. As she puts it, “I don’t want to suggest you can counteract some rules by the application of other rules. I’m rather suggesting that we consider not giving a crap.” Amen.

Uniform Project: Florists
This instalment in the Toronto Standard’s series on clothing worn by various professionals around the city is all flower power. If this doesn’t get you excited about the upcoming April showers (and subsequent May flowers), I don’t know what will. To quote The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” (Er, without the sarcasm).

Star Wars Characters in High Fashion
Buzzfeed compiled this list of prints from Etsy artist John Woo. Once again, Chewbacca proves that he is the best.

text by Anna Fitzpatrick
photo via Stylelikeu

Très Click: Penises! Now That We’ve Got Your Attention, Read This Link Round-Up

Video Chat Karaoke Episode 9: Tavi Gevinson – ‘You Belong With Me’ (Taylor Swift)
Tavi wears black lipstick and lip synchs to Taylor Swift because of course she does. BRB, buying black lipstick.

6 Weird Fashions From History (With Weirder Explanations)
All fashion statements have one of three explanations. It’s either a reflection of wealth and status, something completely practical and functional, or small penises. Okay, fine, two explanations.

What We Read At Lollapalooza
Lollapalooza was a weekend of music, sure, but apparently it was also “a weekend awash in competitive irony.” The Awl has a round-up of the “best” T-shirts seen there and of course by “best” I mean “most ridiculous.” I’m really impressed by the guy wearing a shirt that compares the smell of his dick to chapstick. Of course by “really impressed” I mean BRB, going to vomit.

The Conde Nast Elevator Twitter account is dead, but the absurdity it captured will live on forever. My personal favorite was: “[silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] Summer Intern: “Was that…?” Intern #2: “Yeah” #annawintour”. RIP Conde Nast Elevator.

Nine Excerpts From The August 2011 Issue Vogue, Presented Without Comment
Even though Conde Elevator is no more, we can still LOL at Anna Wintour’s expense. Our hilarious web editor, Anna Fitzpatrick, presents a few of the more ridiculous excerpts on The Hairpin. I’ll never look at my earlobes or a Jell-O shot the same way again.

text by Haley Mlotek