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Have you ever looked back at photos of yourself and longed for that red polka dot dress with the lace Peter Pan collar that you wore to your sixth birthday? That’s me. Hopelessly stuck in girlhood, romantically nostalgic. As an Arts and Contemporary Studies student at Ryerson University, I have allowed this love of all things sentimental to lead me into a myriad of worlds through literature – worlds that I sometimes wish to permanently stumble into through some weird wrought-iron vent that I hope to come across behind my bed. Alas, since I haven’t found there to be a great abyss in my apartment (yet), I often rely on fashion as my way to jump into these different universes. I believe clothing has the power to transform, while being able to hold onto so much history (this belief often leading me to fill my closet with items that evoke little characters within myself rather than practical items). This is what has brought me to interning at WORN. Besides being a total dream, WORN is another wonderful opportunity to slip into the abundant world of fashion.

Current Inspirations

Kisses and Cross Stitches
A blog filled with whimsical treats. Mainly inspiration posts, and collections of the loveliest photographs you will ever see by a variety of photographers.

A new addition to my favourites list, mainly for the reason that I find everything she wears to be envy-inducing. I’m basically green.

The Little Deer
If we’re speaking of charming nostalgia, this is the blog that pulls tenderly at my heartstrings. Seeing her wardrobe makes me want to put on every little girl dress I’ve ever owned.

We Love You So
I’m not really sure what to say about this one, other than it led me to my favourite novella, Light Boxes, and for that I am eternally indebted to it. It features a wide collection of influences to the film Where the Wild Things Are, and just a bunch of other nifty things.

The World Looks Red
Yet another blogger who has me itching to take the scissors to my recently grown out bangs. Now that I have that off my chest, I simply adore Laura Gommans’s feminine style, and her self photography is too delicate for words.

Shall I Love You, Said The Swallow
Okay, this one is just for fun. This is my own blog where I post the occasional outfit, writing, or any other lovely treats I feel like sharing.

6 thoughts on “Casie Wornette

  1. Hello, Wornette Girl. I thought I should mention that sweater you’re wearing in the picture makes me pretty happy… Also – welcome!

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